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Nickelback vs. Nickelback

I realised that I never posted this before:

It’s “How you remind me” on the left speaker and “Someday” on the right. I have no idea if some kind of trickery has been applied but if not the two songs are actually the same. Quite amusing, in any case, though of more amusement is the the rant against Nickelback:

[quote]Nickelback, you lazy, talentless bunch of wankers. What, did you think nobody would notice that you’re recycling your hideous dirge and selling it all over again to your deluded fan base? You bastards, you’re taking advantage of those tone deaf MTV brainwashed twats who are too thick to notice you’re releasing songs that are EXACTLY THE SAME as ones you recorded earlier. And here’s the proof, people. Listen to their first godawful hit, played through the left speaker. At the same time, an equally shite single (released two years later) will be played through the right speaker. Can you spot the difference? [/quote] Continue reading

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Hollywood Making POS Blockbusters for Free

[url=] Slate [/url] has an interesting article by Edward Jay Epstein
explaining how Paramount was able to make the original Tomb Raider movie for free. Given the terrible nature of this film, I’m not sure if that’s comforting or not. Supposedly the German government offers huge tax breaks for films that haven’t even been made, though the British government is almost as bad, it seeems, offering incentives if films have scenes filmed over here and including Brits in the cast. Maybe that’s why Hollywood loves to cast the English as villains? Continue reading

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Single Review: Dirtblonde – The Hangmen

There’s a noise a-happening. If you don’t like your PR completely ridden with dated rock -‘n roll cliches then is most certainly NOT worth a look and anyone who calls themselves Ivan Hell is suspect in my book but the band’s self-funded release “The Hangmen” is a superb bit of paranoid art-rock fuzz that realises the potential shown in their scatty early demo’s. There’s an entire soap opera behind this release (“the [record company] boss had a car crash, lost his car and almost died and ever since he’s been all weird and pissy” Ivan.), culminating in a very unamicable record label split, followed by a tour of Brazil (like you do). This single is wonderfully produced, raw, energetic and promises hangmen at your door coming to get you. Shades of Jesus & Mary Chain, early Nirvana, Mclusky. Continue reading

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Darkies vs the Community

“There is no such thing as society” Margaret Thatcher

In a week that saw Veritas’s Robert Kilroy-Silk denounce the “liberal fascism” of multi-culturalism, and Conservative leader Michael Howard continue to press his shamelessly populist agenda on immigration, it is perhaps as good a time as any to try and analyse this ages-old phenomenon. Mr Howard’s decision to employ this approach can be put down to political expediency – Labour and Tory are ideologically almost indistinguishable in 2005, and it is because Labour have themselves moved so far to the right that the Tories must plumb new depths to make themselves appeal. Continue reading

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Cookie Monster, Misty's Big Adventure and the death of escapism

One of today’s [url=]entertainment news stories[/url] was swirling its own implications around in my mind as Misty’s Big Adventure start up their live set at the Joiners Arms in Southampton tonight, singing a song about how Columbus taught us the importance of confidence in his statement that the world was round. With a C and an O and an N and an F and an I and a D and an Ence. The news story was about Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, who has now been forced off of his sugary comestible favourite in an attempt to steer young, impressionable viewers away from obesity. Cookies are now a “sometimes food” and the muppet is due to befriend an diet-wise owl guru and a veritable harvest of talking vegetables. Continue reading

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CD Review: The Cathode Ray Syndrome* – Use Forgotten Tools

This is a nice little package: The CD looks incredibly professional yet simple, with an orange thick paper inlay, printed only in black, with an nice stylised line-drawing on the cover and a picture on the back. The CD has a good-looking shiny label.

In terms of music we start with a fantastic, swear-filled little sample and an electronic-sounding drumbeat, but the track quickly morphs into the sort of hardcore post-rock sound that I’d associate with the late, lamented Ships A Goin’ Down. That isn’t the poncy “I’ve seen more obscure bands than you” reference it ends up being, so I’ll clarify by saying they are somewhere between Shellac and Mogwai with a touch of hardcore and thrash too. There are lots of clever overlapping guitar passages backed with heavy attacking moments of overdriven guitars. As the CD goes on its clear they can easily blend together electronic elements and a wholly organic sound, without losing their way. Continue reading

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Men and the scourge of Advertising

For the last couple of decades you can’t help but go into a corner shop and be confronted by images of beautiful men and women staring out from the shelves. More recently the rise of body culture, especially in men has led to many more of these GQ type magazines to be bought. Typically, men who no longer need a strong physique due to the prominence of office work are redefining their own image. City workers are spending hours in the gym and flexing their pecks before returning to comfy ergonomic desks. Why? They don’t need a great set of biceps to bash a keyboard. Are men less comfortable with themselves than in the past? Has the rise of feminism got anything to do with it? Has advertising helped to make men more self conscious about their appearance? Answers on a postcard to: IPC Media Ltd, Focus House, 9 Dingwall Avenue, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 2TA Continue reading

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