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Demo Review: Dirtblonde: I'm Tired / Black Heart

This band should be cack. The name’s shit. There’s a website ([url][/url]) full of bizarre promises delivered with an almost half-arsed bluntness.

“How good are Dirtblonde? Pretty good if you are young and foolish, or not that good if you are old and boring.”

Err, okay.

So when their CD came through the post and the sleeve dispalyed some very “now” Arthur/Martha androgeny the cackness of this demo seemed almost a foregone conclusion. Continue reading

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cardboard superstars

small time band cardboard superstars play islington academy on sunday…i think….if your interested in new music you should go. Continue reading

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Rehearsal

On my way to tonight’s rehearsal I left via Tottenham Ct. Road tube carrying the usual kit: guitar in a soft, knackered gig-bag and my chunky bag of guitar pedals and board. On my way out I was stopped by police officers who informed me that due to the terrorism act they were authorised to stop anyone with bags over a certain size.

I decided to go with it: They were affable enough and once they saw the guitar they were happy with that, but the electronics in the pedal bag had them a bit befuddled. They pointed out to me that this was precisely the sort of thing they had to look out for but they couldn’t really see any way to do much about it, so they took down my details and gave me a pink carbon copy. Continue reading

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Comets On Fire: Blue Cathedral

Psychedelic is a word that’s used a lot these days, mainly without justification; a band who openly admit to taking lots of drugs make an album with lots of pretty colours in the artwork and are immediately labelled as the saviours of rock. Chances are this band will sound like The Music. Or worse still, actually be The Music. Baggy baiting aside, Comets On Fire very probably do take lots of drugs but then again Comets On Fire write eight minute songs with titles like Pussy Foot The Duke and have a guy who’s sole job is to fuck around with a delay pedal from the 1970s. Which is always a good start. Continue reading

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These Arms Are Snakes: Oxeneers or The Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home

Never has one band so utterly overshadowed a city’s music. That it was a self-styled Pixies cover band, ably supported by a cast of MOR rock acts, who deflected acclaim away from Drive Like Jehu’s classic Yank Crime at the beginning of the nineties seems more than slightly perverse. Since then the spectre of Nirvana has loomed large over a plethora of brilliant Seattle bands and despite containing ex-members of the seminal Botch and Kill Sadie, it’s unlikely that These Arms Are Snakes are going to be making an appearance alongside Razorlight and Pete Doherty in the next issue of NME any time soon. Oh well. Their loss. Continue reading

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28th September 2004: Premiership Round-up

I love Gordon Strachan. He’s a charismatic guy and obviously understands the game. I nevertheless found his appraisal of Everton’s recent gravity-defying run somewhat depressing, if accurate. “Ever since they started playing 4-5-1, they haven’t let in any goals…” Well I’ll be damned. Not to take anything away from David Moyes, who has done exceptionally well in the most testing circumstances, but it’s a sad indictment on the state of the modern game when Saturday afternoons are spent watching dreary encounters between teams expressly trying to win 1-0. When other nations did this in Euro-2004, it was labelled “anti-football”; at club level, those same detractors call it “honesty” and “tactical nouse” and so forth. Continue reading

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ishotthedeputy users are wankers

all you guys talking on this site(except me the lord pixi) are a bunch of pimperly dog shaggers who like shit music and have no balls.stop talking shite and join a terrorist group and kill some surfing nazis. discuss Continue reading

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