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Art versus Commerce: The tension behind 'X & Y'

“A vivacious piece of marketing, simultaneously building industry anticipation and generating a street buzz from the year’s start”
Written the day after Crazy Frog hit number one in the singles chart, it would be safe to assume that Paul Flynn here is referring to the eternally irritating amphibian ringtone, much beloved of pre-pubescents and “ironic students” (on a tangent, this writer works in a mainstream record store, and has never sold a copy of ‘Axel F’ to anyone but pre-pubescents and blind people). Except that assumption would be wrong, as the subject of Flynn’s analysis in The Guardian was not Crazy Frog, but instead the band whose track ‘Speed Of Sound’ was beaten to the number one slot that previous day. On the surface it would be a crude (yet nevertheless true) judgement that in many ways the approach of both Coldplay and Crazy Frog in marketing terms were hardly at polar extremes. Indeed, on April 12 a ‘Speed Of Sound’ ringtone was released in the U.S, a full week before the track was sent to radio. Continue reading

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Interview: Edward Davey MP

[b]In May of this year, Liberal Democrat Edward Davey was re-elected as MP for Kingston & Surbiton, by way of a resounding victory over the Conservative and Labour candidates. Mr Davey has kindly taken the time to answer some questions from, on issues ranging from taxation to civil liberties. Mr Davey offers a resolute defence of his party’s position on the major issues, while outlining his and his party’s commitment to social democracy within a free market framework.[/b] Continue reading

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Detwiije @ Spitz Wed 6 july

Wed 6 Jul
Detwiije + Toupé + My Second Surprise @ Spitz, London

London based post rockers playing gritty, explosive instrumental music blending cinematic textures with immense guitars and soaring electric violin. Continue reading

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The Little Flames – "Change your tune and change your hair or you're not going anywhere."

Catching up with The Little Flames.

“All we had was a dictaphone recording with Joe and Miles screaming and ad-libbing on, and the very last bit of one of the tunes. Eva had pages of lyrics scribbled down, and Greg had completely dismantled the drum machine to make an ashtray. We’d only been together about 18 hours. Proper chaos.”

Chaos indeed. The Little Flames have recently been added to the XFM playlist having just released their first video to accompany their second single. Continue reading

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Indie 40 UK – the briefing

The induction of the term indie into the music lover’s dictionary was as the result of the follow up to the end of the punk and new wave serge in the 70’s as an “alternative” to mainstream. As with the majority of terms applied in music it’s a slippery one; the term blankets the smaller, more recognizably talented artists on the scene. Continue reading

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Why Tottenham Hotspur FC Should be Charged with Misconduct

Just to re-cap the story so far. Chelsea made an illegal approach for Tottenham’s Director of Football Frank Arnesen. To clarify, a Director of Football is a sort of well-connected superscout not actually in charge of day-to-day coaching. As is the way with these things, the issue of whether or not they will face a charge seems to have been floating about for many weeks now, and there is no clear explanation for the delay in th resolution of this matter. Indeed the story has been met with indifference by many fans and commentators, who are all too aware that a pecuniary punishment will have little or no effect as a deterrent to a club of Chelsea’s unlimited resources. Apparently it is up to Tottenham to decide whether to report Chelsea to the Football Association, and so they have effective control over whether or not anything is done. Tottenham have since made successive shameless attempts to exploit this position – first offering to let the matter pass as long as they could take Scott Parker “in exchange”. Parker has now joined Newcastle United, and there is talk of Chelsea offering Glen Johnsen and Robert Huth to head off any complaint to the FA. Continue reading

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Larrikin Love – Press Release and Links

Hotly-tipped bright young things Larrikin Love have released some press material.

“Fresh from shows with fellow Transgressive exponents and media darlings Mystery Jets and The Young Knives, this vital, thrilling new London foursome take in all of ska, Irish jiggery, white-boy reggae and Libs-y agit-pop, yet meld it in a vacuum of charisma, honesty and poetic home truths that so very few could match. Frontman Edward Larrikin is one of the great British frontmen of our age, and will convert you. Their debut single ‘Six Queens’ (a John Kennedy/Xfm and ‘NME’ Stereo fave) is out this week via the esteemed Young & Lost Club” Continue reading

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