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Interview: Andrew Falkous

It’s over a year since Mclusky split up, and the world has since had its first glimpse of Future of The Left, the new project of former Mclusky members Jack Egglestone and Andrew Falkous. iShotTheDeputy’s Theo Graham-Brown and Nathaniel Mehr spoke to a super-lean Falkous and found him frighteningly focussed and as engaging and lucid as ever, musing at times in a manner not unlike Martin O’Neil. Cardiff is a place like any other place in the United Kingdom. It has a Boots and a McDonald’s, it has a large Primark. We are whisked away to a quiet pub garden and, in the searing heat and bright sunshine of a July afternoon, Falkous discusses the past, the present, and his new project, “Future of the Left”. Continue reading

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Live review: The Superlatives @ The Grove (Wimbledon)

Approached this gig with some trepidation. Their Myspace page ( is laden with cliches and contains no actual music and a truly awful picture of someone (probably a model) with a syringe. The Grove is ill-suited to live music, and the crowd aren’t your typical indie-rock crowd, but the punters are sufficiently intoxicated to take an amused interest in four young boys going up onto a makeshift stage to do the whole rock thing. Continue reading

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Premiership Opening Weekend

With the World Cup now a distant memory it’s time once again for the Premiership to take centre stage again.

Chelsea began the defence of their title with a 3-0 win over Manchester City at Stamford Bridge. England captain John Terry opened the scoring with a header from Arjen Robben’s free kick and moments later Lampard’s deflected shot from the edge of the area found it’s way past the unfortunate City keeper Nicky Weaver. Didier Drogba added a third late on with a well finished diving header. Manchester City finished the game with 10 men after debutant Bernado Corradi was sent off following a tackle on Essien. Continue reading

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A Short Lesson in Newspeak from the BBC on the Day Israel Broke the Ceasefire in Lebanon

“Israel mounts fresh Lebanon raid” (BBC News website, 19th August 2006);[/I] to translate correctly: Israel breaks ceasefire.

From the same report: “Israel’s fresh operation inside Lebanon came five days after the UN-brokered ceasefire came into effect.”: Israel’s bombing of Lebanon broke the UN-brokered ceasefire.

The justification, reported without critical analysis: “The Israeli army said the raid was to prevent arms being delivered to Hezbollah by Iran and Syria.” Never mind that a ceasefire, on the understood definition, means a cessation of fire which would preclude pre-emptive action. Certainly if the roles were reversed, we can be certain that the media report would not be quite so sympathetic. Continue reading

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World Cup Highlights – Late Edition

[i] Some four weeks after the 2006 World Cup ended with Fabio Grosso’s winning spot-kick, former Mclusky frontman Andrew Falkous gives us his assessment of the highs and lows of the tournament. [/i]

(1) Portugal vs. Holland.

There’s something far more palatable about cheating when both teams are along for the ride. To wit; Ronaldo, the most talented of the new generation of contemptible, flying penises, was at times totally anonymous as Robben, Van Bronckhurst and the furiously inept Van Nistelrooy blundered about the pitch before collapsing with all manner of imagined ailments. The referee, bless him, called it as he almost saw it (Figos crap headbutt aside) and entered into the spirit of the occasion by sending off four of the cheating bastards and booking almost everyone else. Wonderful. Timeless. Pass the Kleenex. Continue reading

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Kunta Kinte and The Crimea @ Bloomsbury Bowling

Kunta Kinte

Welcome to the Church of Rock and Bowl. Ouch. Glad that’s out of the system now. Kunta Kinte are Toby Slater’s latest venture and, I dare say, are miles away from your usual indiekid musings. Instead, it’s percussion mania. Has Britain Been Bongo-Ing Mad*? There’s more rhythm than you can shake a stick at and you can’t help thinking this is more beach than bowling alley. Continue reading

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