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The Holloways @ KCLSU

Two Left Feet = Dirty Dancing, Brit style.

This was perhaps one of the worst performances that London has ever seen; the entire audience (all bar one or two) were apparently trying to avoid enjoying themselves at all costs. By pleasant contrast, from about eight onwards, the Holloways were however thoroughly more enjoyable. Their rather cool take on indie chic – pea bowler hats, their pink trousers and that waistcoat and skinny tie caught our eyes. Continue reading

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😦 is pronounced colon open bracket. Just for the record. We don’t want to go all ‘symbol’ here!

Best thing I have heard all year! Computermusic stuff taken to almost the proverbial overdrive. The sort of stuff that makes you double check if your winamp really is still in the green and yellow. Sounds a little bit Emo, too, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Trust me on this, emo-haters, it is NOT a bad thing! Continue reading

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SoundsXP presents: Schla La Las, Bridge Gang, Wintergreen

[b] presents: [/b]

[url=][b]The Schla La Las[/b][/url]
All girl 5-piece, they’re sassy and sexy and sound like the Shangri-Las, if Thurston Moore was the guitar roadie. They have matching frocks and their own theme song. What more could you want?

[url=][b]The Bridge Gang[/b][/url]
London three-piece fronting angsty scuzzed up rock. Think a good looking Pixies and Nirvana minus the shotgun wounds. Continue reading

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Animals in the Battersea Power Station

The Battersea Power Station, as featured on Pink Floyd’s 1977 ‘Animals’ album cover, otherwise known as the largest brick building in Europe, is perhaps most famous for it’s enormous white chimneys. Proposed plans for redevelopment were scheduled to be completed by the year 2000, then 2003; 30 years later and not one development has started. In actual fact some never will. Under the Hwang brothers owned Hong Kong Company Parkview, there are plans to “redevelop” the Sir Giles Gilbert Scott designed grade II listed building’s chimneys. Local residents are having their doubts about the likelihood of such a proposal being followed through. Continue reading

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Michael and Me

Damn you, Michael. And damn your obsessive fans trying to subvert me.

He first made contact when I was ten and on a school trip. For the evening’s entertainment, teacher had paid on a karaoke opportunity. Being the cynical kid that I was, I obviously did not indulge in such populist part times (okay, admittedly, I probably would have liked to take part but could not face the potential embarrassment). My very quiet and very shy friend, however, was suddenly beaming with excitement and produced a battered 7” copy of Smooth Criminal. Next thing I know, my scaredy-cat friend was moonwalking away in front of a cheering crowd of fellow ten-year-olds. She won the karaoke contest. A mystery to me. I hadn’t even heard of the guy before, as I was still busy listening to whatever tape my parents had on in the car, which normally evolved around The Doors, Pink Floyd and weird German easy listening. What’s with the moonwalking? Continue reading

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Kill Kenada, iDou, Akira & art by Gen Williams @ Real Live Wires 21/10/05

@ Real Live Wires, Corsica Studios, Unit 5 Elephant Road, Elephant and Castle. Friday 21st Oct.

Kill Kenada
All play live

Art and DJ’s from Gen Williams (Drowned in Sound news editor)

DJ’s from Joyzine and Strange Brew.


£5 on the door, £3 NUS/DSS.

Ful details at Continue reading

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The Robocop Kraus and ¡Forward, Russia! @ London Metro 19 Oct 2005

We like ¡Forward, Russia!, we do! Greasy hair, matching T-shirts and a kickass girl drummer. Sounded good, too! In a screeching, guitar wallopping, electric shock sort of way. Proves that one too many years at art college don’t always go to waste. ¡Forward, Russia! are primarily loud. But then they are also exiciting, emo-esque and quite something live.

The Robocop Kraus are quite possibly the best thing to have come out of Germany (Bavaria, to be precise!) since sliced Bockwurst (make that Pretzel actually). Mind you, sadly not an awful lot of continental bands ever make it in the UK. Shame on you, islanders, you really don’t know what you’re missing. Continue reading

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