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Review: From Mars: 23 (48v Records)

From Mars aren’t actually from Mars, they’re from Newport, South Wales – the home of faintly amusing Argos-hop goons, Goldie Lookin’ Chain. However, their muscular post-punk could as easily be from New York as from Newport. If Bloc Party actually held a block party, it’s highly plausible that From Mars would be their musical guests. Opening track ‘Who Is David David?’ is awesome, jittery alt.pop, and the rest of the album rattles between spooked-out Pixies stomps, dark Franz Ferdinand disco/not-disco romps and more unhurried fare like final track, the brooding epic ‘Both Killer and Victim’. Continue reading

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I have been accussed of Pimping by the webmaster.

I do not know about you, but I beleive that this is the best compliment I have had this year. I say this because Pimps have Money, drugs, girls, free sex whenever they want with many number of girls, more drugs, guns, cars, minders, more money and a lifestyle which sounds like a lot of fun.

I however have a degree to finish, debt, bad drugs if any at all, no guns, no car, no minders and I dont even have time for girls (still heart broken from the last time) let alone about 30 of them, their crack habits to look after and their money to take a large percentage of. Continue reading

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Best. Lyrics. Ever?

i thought after the depressing nature and shocking horror of this articles’ sister thread, we could all do with basking in the greatness of some of the best lyrics ever.

[i]”the proposition
handcuffed to the park bench
hypodermic people poking fun at the living
please lift the weight out of this
it takes the weight out of living
we are just infants
that are ripe for the training”[/i]

i’m also partial to: Continue reading

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Demo Review: Idle Vice Pirate

The Idle Vice Pirate (note the singular in the name!) demo comes to me as a simple CDR, devoid of track information. When I find out the names I’ll go back through and edit them in or something, but it shouldn’t affect the review much. There are five tracks here that get better as we move through the CD, which probably breaks the golden rule of a demo or something.

The first track opens with a Libertines-esque riff and if I’d not seen the band live I might have been concerned, but it quickly becomes clear this track has more in common with Muse in one of their rockier moments, though Candy’s vocals are all her own. If I had a criticism it would be that it feels too long: there seemed to be a solo moment too many before the finish. The second track is a faster, Clash-ier, Smiths-ier affair that burns along with a fine energy and still has something back for the distorted ending. Candy has a good voice but also a fine turn of phrase in the lyrics. Continue reading

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Nu-gaze (or whatever the music press calls it)

I like shoegazer. But, really, after you’ve got Loveless, what’s the point?

*PS. sorry for not posting anything for like EVER* Continue reading

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Doherty attacked by Tories

Just read Pete Doherty has been attacked by Tory Leader Micheal Howard for being a bad influence on kids – one look at the palid, panda-faced loon suggests he’s probably doing more to discourage smack and crack use than any anti-drugs campaign – the guy looks more like one of those angry drunk tramps you see outside Camden tube than any kind of cool “heroin-chic”.

NME putting him top of their “cool list” probably doesn’t help though. Continue reading

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The Brit Awards 2005

[i]Now the fuss has died down, our reviewer [url=?q=user/view/71] Tom Leins [/url] takes a look over this years Brit Awards on its 25th Anniversary. They stirred a bit of [url=?q=node/view/161]noise[/url] on the forum back in January when they occurred. Read on for his views:[/i]

It’s that time of year again: the British music industy’s annual self-congratulatory shindig of choice – The Brit Awards. A whole evening of major label mutual-masturbation. Lovely stuff. This year’s event was presided over by lovelorn ginger tycoon Chris Evans. To be honest, I actually felt a twinge of compassion for the wealthy ex-DJ when he was jilted by his child bride, recently, but I was truly mortified for him when I learnt that he had to read an entire year’s worth of Q magazines in preparation for hosting the Brits. Poor sod. Maybe that explains his oddly-stilted delivery throughout. Maybe it doesn’t. Continue reading

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