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The Stooges @ Hammersmith Apollo

We’re just happy to be here. We’re happy to be anywhere!” – Iggy

As follow up to the Carling weekender, 30th August 2005 was the night the Hammersmith Apollo played host to a forty punters strong spontaneous stage invasion, much to the displeasure of security. Not to mention flying beer, underwear and cigarettes, sporadic crowd surfing, illuminated by dizzying flashbulbs every which way. Continue reading

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Dirt Blonde Q&A – "I starve myself to keep fit, and Lula's bulimic. We're hoping it'll increase our chances of getting signed."

Vivian vs. Ivan from Dirt Blonde

Vivian: Describe your band…
Ivan: One Boy. One girl. One drum-machine. Noise.

V: Why be in a band?
I: Life’s too boring otherwise. I’d have to kill myself.

V: What are your songs about?
I: Jaded sexual encounters. Continue reading

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Summer holidays are over, then…

Or maybe it’s just like buses. After a week or so with zero activity we suddenly get four new pieces on the front page. Fantastic. I was beginning to think everyone was dead… Continue reading

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September 2005 – The Arms Trade Returns to London

The following is an edited extract from the Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) website. I would urge anyone who is sympathetic to this cause to try and get time off work and come to East London on 13th September to join what should be a healthy-sized demonstration against the murderous arms trade.[/i]

Every two years, arms dealers converge on Londons Docklands for Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) arms fair. It is an important event in the international military equipment sales calendar and is organised in association with the British government’s Defence Export Services Organisation (DESO). In 2003 DSEi confirmed its position as one of the leading arms fairs in the world with around 1000 exhibitors from 30 countries. It is a “tri-service defence exhibition” – a forum for selling military equipment for land, sea and air to dozens of foreign governments, many with appalling human rights records. Continue reading

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The AEROPLANES' debut EP, Don't Stop Me (White Noise Records) – released August 29th

This anticipated debut EP from the Liverpool four-piece The Aeroplanes is a powerful, memorable collection of catchy and effective indie rock. (Like 22-20s, but catchy.) At the time of writing they are yet to have officially released their debut EP, and I’m already reading up on relationship rumours with supermodel/girlfriend to the stars Kate Moss. Kate Moss coincidentally, is also a fan. Continue reading

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Live Review: Uncle Pedro @ Brixton Telegraph 24th August 2005

A heavy dose of noise and numbers from South London newcomers… Continue reading

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Helen Love – Long Hot Summer (Invicta Hi-Fi)

Now, before you go ‘Geez, they STILL going …’, think again! Of course Helen Love are still going, they’re just being their elusive selves, but that has never stopped anyone from releasing great records.

On the subject of great records, that is just what Long Hot Summer Is! It’s been literally years since Helen Love’s last release, and I dare say the wait has been well worth it!

No need to panic, Helen LOve haven’t changed their formula either(what could be called ‘doing a Data Panik’). Long Hot Summer weighs in featherlight, sugradrenched and, of course, summery! Needless to say, the words ‘Ramones’ and ‘Joann Jett’ feature repeatedly. No need to reinvent the Wagon Wheel, is there? It tasted delicious in the first place, did it not? Call it summer pop, bubblegum pop or, if you’re a cynic, the aspartame of indie, doesn’t change the fact that Helen Love will rule victoriously in their little world. And yours, too. Enjoy! Continue reading

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