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Untitled Musical Project – album (Tigertrap)

About time, too! This noisy Birmingham trio have been gigging themselves to (near) death for quite some time now – if you haven’t had a chance to catch them yet, do so. And do it now, for you will not regret it. Because Untitled Musical Project gigs go BOOM! With a bang.

After a brilliant limited edition single on the infamous White Heat label, your friendly neighbourhood label (Tigertrap) finally brings you the long-awaited (mini) album. Continue reading

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Review: Benjamin Shaw – 5 Songs

It’s not often I really enjoy ‘acoustic’ music. Superman Revenge Squad is one example and this is another. We ended up on the same bill last month and I caught some of his act (one man and a guitar) as you can at a gig where everyone else is LOUD and electric and the audience are expecting that. All I really remembered was him playing tuning pipes as a mouth organ. Continue reading

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Single Review: Time.Space.Repeat – The End of the World

God Is In the TV Zine have decided to branch out into the world of music labels with a ‘singles club’ and Time.Space.Repeat have the honour of being the first release. This isn’t a vinyl platter, however, but a free digital download of a single track, plus a bonus track if you sign up as a member for the GIITTV site (also free). Pretty good value.

So here’s the link: Continue reading

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INTERVIEW: 'Eine' and the letters he paints on east London shop shutters

I meet the graffiti artist known as Eine (Ben Flynn) on a quiet sunny pavement a few doors down from the Kemistry art gallery where some of his work is being shown. I’m not good with interviews but unlike my two previous attempts for this site, I’ve done some research and even printed off questions. If you’ve ever wandered about Shoreditch, Old Street or Broadway Market after the shops have shut you’re probably familiar with Eine’s work: single letters spray-painted in bold colours on the shutters of various shops. Continue reading

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Wojtek Godzisz – The Moon and the Yew Tree (Tigertrap)

Is it just me or does this man get angrier from release to release? The intro sounds strangely like a strange pagan ritual, and no, I cannot tell you exactly why that is. Those better not be bongos! Possibly my mind is boggled by the video to this – complete with a rather odd Bohemian Rhapsody style inferno-lunatic sequence somewhere in the middle.

There is an afwul lot of stuff crammed into this song. Aforementioned intro, a glockenspiel type affair, the proverbial loud bit, the proverbial quiet bit, lots of angry sounding guitar and an oddly catchy tune to go with it. I won’t bother trying to come up with comparisons to other people’s stuff, because the notion of ‘It’s a Wojtek’ is probably enough by now and I’m getting tired of trying to find songs to compare this to, because there aren’t any. Continue reading

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SINGLE REVIEW: Ice, Sea, Dead People – Hence:Elvis

As the postal strike was in full swing I told [b]Ice, Sea, Dead People[/b] to just send me an MP3, so this time there’s no press release for us to read from, just the text on their MySpace and the music. The logical place to start, therefore, is with their name. Is it a clever joke on a phrase made famous by a ridiculously popular movie, which also manages to parody the most stupidly popular movie of all time, or is it a really bad idea? Probably the latter, but then I’m not really in a position to throw stones and frankly I really like the name ‘Future of the Left’ now, despite having massive reservations when I was first told about it. Continue reading

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Hey Micky. You smell.

Fuck you, Head & Shoulders. Better still, shove your head and your shoulders where the sun don’t shine. And follow up with a pineapple for good measure.

First of all, I do not know a ‘bloke like Micky’. And I don’t know anyone who does. Why? Because people like Micky tend to be sectioned and removed from society very quickly. Because they know their hair is a ‘weapon to be used’. Continue reading

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