7th Feb 2009: iShotTheDeputy presents an Afternoon at RoTa

We’ve got four bands for you playing between 4pm and 8pm and it’s FREE to get in. Between the bands music will be provided by iShotTheDeputy and Boy Howdy from Hired Geeks and Oroku Saki.

Headlining are the amazing Action Beat who have anything from 6-9 members and hail from Milton Keynes. According to their MySpace they sound like, “Raping de-tuned guitars. Abusing old drum kits. Molesting golden Basses. Dean Gaffney,” or maybe Dean Gaffney once descrbed them as sounding like, “Raping de-tuned guitars. Abusing old drum kits. Molesting golden Basses.” There’s definitely some of that and there are also some great tunes that Sonic Youth would be proud to own. They’ll be fantastic in any case.

Before them will be the rock antithesis in terms of instrumentation, the two-pice that is Jack Mountain. Jack Mountain’s music varies from Smog-like, fuzzed up folky numbers, to Hot Snakes style garage rock noise. He’ll have Bow Howdy on drums so we’re expecting a set that leans towards the latter. All Jack Mountain’s music is free and there are four albums to download if you’ve the time. Alternatively you can see what he’s got to give away at the gig because the CDs are professional stuff.

Pocus Whiteface are a loud 3-piece in the style of Shellac, mclusky and Jesus Lizard maybe, with a touch of stuff like Tortoise and Sonic Youth. Lyrics cover topics like real-life superheros, statistical analysis of the music industry, giant isopods and the dangers to mental health posed by time machines.

Stairs to Korea is a new one-man outfit from the singer in Horsebox which means he has ‘pedigree’ and, like with dogs, pedigree counts for a lot in music. The performance apparently utilises, “a guitar-synth, harmoniser and backing track”. There was only one track to listen to on MySpace and that sounded pleasingly like Super Furry Animals.

Did we mention it was FREE already? Yeah, probably…

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