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Grow Up And Stop Making Those Horrible Faces

When are you actually a proper grown-up? Do you remember saying ‘when I grow up, I want to …’? And do you have the feeling this may never actually happen? You have friends that are turning 30, people you went to school with are buying houses and, worse still, people you have known since you were four who have become very ‘sensible’ all of a sudden? Where do you draw the line? When can you safely say you are now a fully organised adult who knows what they’re doing? Continue reading

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It's The Enemy You Can't See….

Vapid Big Brother gossip currently dominates the conversations of colleagues, commuters and pub goers, and the subject is invariably George Galloway, who was finally removed from the Big Brother house this week. The general consensus tends towards a negative reaction to the MP’s contribution to the hit television show. Galloway would, for his part, argue the following: that he had embarked on a public relations exercise in order to pro-actively attempt to reach young people and help them connect with politics. That several of the words in that sentence could, and perhaps should, have been mockingly presented in inverted commas is reflective of the vacuous and ill-considered nature of this exercise, a point which has been discussed at length already. It would seem, however, that the British people, be they young or old, do not like to be patronised. The singular condescension of Mr Galloway’s involvement with Celebrity Big Brother is clearly not lost on most right-thinking people. Continue reading

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The Sailplanes in February

1st Feb – Goonite Club @ Buffalo Bar, Islington w/ Levelload
12th Feb – Jabez Clegg, Manchester w/ Duty Now, Cognoscenti
15th Feb – Riot Night @ G-Lounge, Camden w/ Kallinger, Harlette, The Bright Lights
20th Feb – 93 Feet East (FREE) w/ The Void, Love Ends Disaster
23rd Feb – Saucy Lil Tart @ Colour Bar, Camden w/ Swimsuit Issue Continue reading

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Mokita Play On the Rocks on Thursday 19th Jan

A bit of personal promotion.

[url][/url] Continue reading

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Next iShotTheDeputy Band Night will be Thu 23rd March 2006

We’ve just booked a date for the next band night we’re going to run and we hope to make them a bit more regular from now on.

It’ll be at The Enterprise (2 Haverstock Hill, Chalk Farm Tube) and run on Thursday evening, 23rd March 2006. We’re in the process of booking some bands and also book an April date too (hopefully about a month after) so there’ll be more news soon.

We’d have preferred a Friday or Saturday but these things book up quickly and we reckon everyone can take a hangover at work on a Friday. Continue reading

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Goodbye, George Galloway

A metamorphosis – from a butterfly back into a slug (sic). This was George Galloway’s assessment of the recent career of the prominent journalist Cristopher Hitchens. Hitchens, apparently desperate to emulate his hero George Orwell, built for himself a simplistic way of looking at today’s world, in which the conditions of 1939 found themselves quite comfortably mirrored, and “the left” could be attacked as tyrant-loving hypocrites. On this basis Hitchens would justify his support of successive American wars this century, enjoying that same exalted credibility so typically afforded to reformed dissidents. That his analogy was wholly inappropriate was not important. Hitchens would achieve the ambiguous and pointless title of “contrarian” and the mere trifle of historical accuracy would not stand in his way. Details are of no great concern to a populist who knows his trade. Hitchens had to invent a “left” that was as naïve and sentimentalist as the pacifists of 1939, in order that could berate it, in places using terms lifted straight from Orwell’s work. Set against this, the consistency and uncompromising dignity of the position taken by Galloway represented a defiant, shining beacon. Continue reading

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Music Quiz and then fun afterwards tonight!

hello Airport is back on tonight after two weeks of holiday!

We are also having a music quiz before the club which starts at 8pm which is a pound to enter. Get you thinking caps on though because it is a bit hard.

Airport is at the Roxy on Rathbone Place in London

Whos coming? Continue reading

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