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Thee Unstrung + Echelon (Budrisings) @ The Marquee in London

Budrisings @ The Marquee

The night push started off on the third floor of The Marquee with the decisively named band Echelon (echelon meaning a body of troops arranged in a line), followed by Thee Unstrung.

Echelon were pleasantly mellowed. They were kitted out in uniformly skinny t-shirts and jeans with your average looking pastel guitars. They immediately shyed away from the crowd and spent half the set looking down at the floor or at the back just managing eight out of nine easily forgettable songs to a lukewarm congregation. They were either victims of a mean fate – wrong time, wrong place, wrong crowd, or they were just plain wrong. Continue reading

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Fuck CrazyFrog

This is frankly a small slice of genius: Continue reading

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The Hungry I Debut Tour

25/6/2005 The Betsey Trotwood, London Doors : 7.30pm
STANDARD prices are £5 full price, £4 concs (Students, flyer, etc), £3 Industry

The hungry I finally head out on the road this June & July to promote ‘the car ep’ in all its cinematic glory as well as debut tracks from the forthcoming release of the follow up to ‘the car’ ‘The hurt kingdom.’ Having built up a solid reputation from widespread critical acclaim over the last few months, the industries best kept secret finally step out into the limelight with this much anticipated tour. Expect majestic twisted beauty from the dark side of an agitated mind alongside Stolbers soaring falsetto and backwards cold & desolate contorted beats. With comparisons ranging from Radiohead to DJ Shadow, be one of the first to witness the dark explosion live. Continue reading

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On France & the New EU

There was an interesting piece in today’s Independent about France’s expected rejection of the new EU Constitution (“Why Workers in prosperous, Americanised France will vote “no””, p22). While Western leaders continue to talk about “security” in the “National” – i.e. defence/anti-terrorist – sense, the issue that affects most people’s day-to-day lives relates to a very different sort of security. Put simply, this is the security that comes from being able to go to bed at night knowing that the job you left this evening will still be there for you in the morning. The impression given is that of a people coming to grips with the reality represented by the two-tier European system. True, the EU has always been a trade agreement managed and controlled by the capitalist class – but now, with the accession to membership of countries with substantially lower standards of living and employment protections, the full inequity of this arrangement has a new, greater clarity. Continue reading

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Demo Review: Kill Devil Hills: Autograph/Shoestring

Kill Devil Hills could be described closely to early Radiohead, though this description is mainly a musical/structural one: The singer does not make you think of Thom Yorke and manages to avoid any quick comparisons. Both the songs here are full of ideas, changing styles and direction multiple times, without making you think of some sort of wanky prog-rock concept piece. Sharp guitar riffs then phrases work against each other over some excellent drum patterns and beats, vocals sitting in the mix, clear but not dominating and drawing the listener in. It’s a nice package too, an artistic black and white photograph with a printed CD in a simple plastic case. Continue reading

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Demo Review: Garrett: Hex

The opening bars of Hex underwhelm me, making me think of the current crop of 80s ‘new wave’ and/or ‘post-punk’ bands. However, things change when there’s a brief break with some rather impressive discordant guitar licks and it quickly marks itself out as more of a slice of hardcore edginess. B-sides ‘The Support’ and ‘Arch Standard’ luckily follow these, the former with some almost-mathrock tendencies and the yelled vocals replaced with a darker spoken feel. Continue reading

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Preview: Idol Vice Pirate

Perhaps you know which bit I’m talking about. It’s about half way through the recent “Why Do You Love Me” single by aptly-named corporate rock band Garbage, where the third-rate-Killers disco-rock stomp grinds down inexplicably into an embarrassingly awful metal riff not unlike the intro to “Blind” by Korn. If you’ve had the misfortune to see the song being performed on the TV, the cringing effect is heightened by the vision of an ageing guitarist brashly felching his ego as he strums the chords. It’s the essence of the identity crisis captured in about four or five nauseating seconds, and then the song reverts to dance floor chic, with Garbage’s “rock” credentials implicitly intact. But while an identity crisis makes for painful viewing when you’re talking about over-the-hill faux-angst corporate rubbish, it is something entirely different when it’s bathed tequila-drenched youthful exuberance. Next month we’ll have the chance to watch some of London (and Oxford)’s finest at’s inaugural band night (see gig listings), and the noisy antics of Wimbledon foursome Idol Vice Pirate will be among the main attractions. Continue reading

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