Single Review: Dirtblonde – The Hangmen

There’s a noise a-happening. If you don’t like your PR completely ridden with dated rock -‘n roll cliches then is most certainly NOT worth a look and anyone who calls themselves Ivan Hell is suspect in my book but the band’s self-funded release “The Hangmen” is a superb bit of paranoid art-rock fuzz that realises the potential shown in their scatty early demo’s. There’s an entire soap opera behind this release (“the [record company] boss had a car crash, lost his car and almost died and ever since he’s been all weird and pissy” Ivan.), culminating in a very unamicable record label split, followed by a tour of Brazil (like you do). This single is wonderfully produced, raw, energetic and promises hangmen at your door coming to get you. Shades of Jesus & Mary Chain, early Nirvana, Mclusky.

Dirtblonde (but my god it’s a shite name, isn’t it? There’s no getting away from that) play the Dublin Castle, Camden, June 5th.

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2 Responses to Single Review: Dirtblonde – The Hangmen

  1. Anonymous says:

    hello this site is illegible

  2. Anonymous says:

    [b]If you can’t read the site check the ‘text size’ in your browser.[/b] Set it to medium or larger. I’ve tested it in IE and Firefox so the site should be fully browsable. Though if you can’t read this, then unless you email me I can’t see how I can fix it!


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