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Helen Love – It's My Club And I'll Play What I Want To (Elefant)

‘Helen Love would like to thank you for your patience. This club is now open, please make your way to the glitter dancefloor, we hope you enjoy your night. Hey Ho! Let’s Go!’


At long last!!! Another Helen Love album!!!!! On bubblegum pink vinyl. The sort you’ll want to crank up ‘till the speakers explode.

It starts off with the genius It’s My Club which is a discotastic and interspersed with all these lovely little samples and stuff. Oooh isn’t it exciting? Continue reading

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Clone Quartet – Well-Oiled Machine (Small Town America / Tigertrap)

A co-release from the people that brought you the lovely Oppenheimer (Smalltown America), and the people that brought you Tiny Masters of Today initially (Tigertrap).

The innovative packaging (you have to rip it open and the damage is irrepairable, because it involves tearing a strip of paper off) will have collectors either in tears or buying two copies (so they can keep a mint one in their cupboard). Continue reading

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Mikrofisch – Masters Of The Universe

Just in time for Christmas, Mikrofisch’s fabulous second album is released. On free download! You will not have to worry about what to give this trendy friend of yours for the festive season any longer.

Mikrofisch are a boy/girl duo based in London and varying German cities. They are armed with Casios, drum machines and some rather enlightening views on the music scene ( skintight jeans and Myspace hair, they have brought this over us … the kids are all shite!). And theories about hair (Bad Hair Day and (Nobody Listens To You When You’ve Got) Flat Hair). Continue reading

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The Robot Pirate Dinosaurs demo

Robots! Pirates! Dinosaurs! All your favourite things rolled into one (ok, He-Man is missing, and so are Thundercats, but that would just be too good to be true. And ‘The Robot Pirate Dinosaur He-Man Thundercats’ would be too much of a mouthful for even the most dedicated follower of all things nice)!

This demo sounds like La Boum (for our younger viewers, that is French teen party cult classic movie from 1980) was set in the 60s and a band was playing. This could either be down to heavy use of spring reverb or just recording through a sock. In a tin can. Continue reading

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Review: Shooting at Unarmed Men – 'Triptych'

The third album by Jon Chapple’s post-Mclusky band is the first one produced with his new Australian version of “Shooting at Unarmed Men”: he moved to Melbourne in 2006 and decided to recruit a new band and just keep going with the project. I can’t say I notice much of a difference except that this is probably SAUM’s best album yet, though it’s still not going to garner the sort of critical acclaim of Future of the Left’s ‘Curses’, in part due to it’s quirky nature and in part due to it being a triple mini-album. Continue reading

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