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The Crimea – Tragedy Rocks (album)

If you don’t know already, The Crimea are the Phoenix rising from The Crocketts’ ashes. This means we can still enjoy mad singer Davey’s husky howling and morbid lyrics. we can’t, however, still enjoy The Crocketts’ screechy punkiness and lunacy.

Just as well though. Tragedy Rocks. Really, it does! Strangely melancholic, it leaves a bit of a depressed aftertaste in places. A bit like expressionist poetry comparing blossoming carnations to gory surgery – intriguing. Continue reading

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A Top 50 Albums Of 2005 List

[i][u]Webmaster’s note (because someone questioned it):[/u] This is Zoheir’s personal list and nothing to do with anyone else on the site. Cheers, Theo.[/i]

Would it be insufferably smug to first re-cap my top 10 for 2004? Ah, what the hell:
1. Arcade Fire – ‘Funeral’
2. The Libertines – ‘The Libertines’
3. Willy Mason – ‘Where The Humans Eat’
4. The Blood Brothers – ‘Crimes’
5. Kanye West – ‘The College Dropout’ Continue reading

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The Frank Pop Ensemble @ The London Rocket 26/11/05

Queuing up outside it’s ice cold. Behind us stands a Noel Gallagher head on the top of Jude Law’s outfit and in front there are a gorgeous pair of sparkling gold knee-highs. The queue quickly disintegrates, and when passing through security the doors swing through and transport through time and back to the 60’s.

Frank Popp is a 60’s/70’s obsessive who formed an eight piece ensemble. Otherwise known as ‘The Frank Popp Ensemble’, they fuse the sounds of trippy jazz, Northern soul and Hammond Organs together into something quite different from any of their contemporaries. Continue reading

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Club Motherfucker – Saturday, 12th November

First to take the stage is ‘unrepresented’ duo Blood Red Shoes. As they gracefully climb into position the crowd peels from off the walls and towards the stage. Credibly, there is a great connection between the pair and their enjoyable, if a little repetitive take on nu-punk sets the tone for the night nicely. Fifteen seconds into a song there is a deathly pause. Knowingly however, they smile to each other onstage acknowledging the mistake “Its part of the song!” quips Steven (drums). Tonight demonstrated that BRS are everything they should be – they are rightly loud, strikingly catchy and with great promise. Evolution does however seem necessary for their successful progression. Continue reading

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Album Review: Shooting at Unarmed Men – "Soon there will be…"

Shooting At Unarmed Men sounds like pirate music. Not as in illegally-acquired music, and not in the Mike Skinner sense, NoNoNo. This is how pirates on the high seas, some with hooks for legs and wooden sticks for arms and melons for heads and parrots, would sing if they sung at all. Singer/guitarist Jon Chapple is a talented young man. The author’s girlfriend scans the track listing: “Four-eyed McClayvie? Is that what they call him?” Continue reading

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Jaed’s Debut Download Single – ‘Catherine/ Gutter Girl’ (Instant Karma) – December 12th

Jaed’s Debut Download Single – ‘Catherine/ Gutter Girl’ (Instant Karma) – December 12th

From ancient mythology to the modern day celebrity we have celebrated the rise of the underdog. Australian punk rock three-piece Jaed is fronted by ex-junkie Vanessa Eve, “I was a Gutter Girl” she sings. Is so fantastic about her unique story is that it goes to show that the old cliché every cloud has a silver lining can and does apply on your way to jail. The cloud in this instance was that she was caught shoplifting, the silver lining that this resulted in her ‘discovery’. Continue reading

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Engerica – Roadkill (single)

And just before they land in the ‘Great band. Never made it. Shame’ bucket … Engerica did get signed in the end and are still fighting the good fight. They’re still pretty angry though. Singer Dave Gardner (I have said it before and I will say it again: this is the only guy who manages to cry out ‘Pickled Onion!’ on stage and still looks pretty darned, er, dishy) seems to be the most enraged of the lot. But then, so would I be if my band had been going for so many years and was always quite scraping on the wrong side of the making-it-big line. Well, hopefully this time round the world will take notice. Continue reading

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