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Inventive drummer required, London area

We are two guitarists who have worked together lots in the past. We like to make uncompromising, abrasive music using unusual time cycles, polyrhythms and interlocking parts. We also scream, shout, talk and occasionally sing. Influences: Don Caballero, Shellac, Daughters, This Heat, Botch, Tortoise, Konono No. 1 and various African music, Jesus Lizard, The Necks, Steve Reich, gamelan, free jazz…(add your influences here!) Continue reading

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Album Review: Dirtblonde – White Noise, Rubber Heart

Dirtblonde’s live shows occupy a space somewhere between genius and farce, with gaunt guitarist Ivan cavorting extravagantly about the place while singer/bassist Lula remains motionless and oblivious. Their 6-track mini album leaves me similarly uncertain. “The Hangmen” is a brilliant opening track, and thereafter the album settles in to a deliberately foggy and sparse sound which contrasts with the punchy opening track. iShotTheDeputy is reliably informed that “The Hangmen” was only included at the insistence of the record company, and it shows. Tracks 2 to 6, recorded in Lula’s kitchen, fit together very nicely. The slower, more atmospheric tracks are the best(“His Name” and “Call it Art”, the latter title perhaps a hint of self-deprecation in an otherwise very earnest piece of work), Lula’s world-weary vocal combining well with a bluesy, fuzzy guitar sound. The band’s weaknesses are highlighted by some of their more up-beat tracks, such as “Snow White”, in which a Ramones-style riff bounces along happily, conjuring visions of hip young things smoking cigarettes in a highly stylised manner. Continue reading

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