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Review: The Sailplanes – A Second, or Ten Years Later

At the beginning of the year [url=]The Sailplanes[/url] ditched all but one of their songs, wrote an entirely new set and proceeded to play it as often as they could. The week we put them on at RoTa I’d already seen them twice in the preceding seven days and that set didn’t get tired. So when I was handed their latest CD, essentially a studio version of those eight tracks, I was eager to put it on; it’s rarely been off my daily Winamp playlist. Continue reading

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An Interview with The Obvious Books!

I first witnessed this chaotic band about three months ago at a gig in Shoreditch. They were awful, arrogant and rather suspicious looking. In a time where TV presenters dress like rock stars and rock stars dress like TV presenters they are like germolene on a carpet burn. A dizzy mixture of no-wave, acid house and literature. The band have since added keyboards to their line up and have signed to independent label Red Square Records. Their debut album Glasnost Shindig is as bad as the band are live, confusing, out of tune and too short by far. Continue reading

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Clone Quartet – Carousel / Played to Death

Tigertrap’s thirteenth release is from a Northern Irish four-piece called Clone Quartet who apparently specialise keyboard-led Indie pop faire. This double-A side is available in 7″ or CD (both limited to 500 copies) or for download (see the [url=]Tigertrap Records[/url] site).

[i]Carousel[/i] leaves me a bit cold on first listen. It’s pushing all the right ‘now’ buttons in its sound but I can’t really hear what raises this above any other similar band I’ve seen playing the cooler venues around Hoxton. It’s a big dancey track based around a straight pumping beat and a load of good electronic sounds on top but the vocal melody isn’t really hitting out. What it lacks is some kind of big pop hook. I warm to it a bit on repeated listens but it’s not one I’m going to be humming on the street. Continue reading

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M I L K News

As seen in Rolling Stone & Cashbox Magazine, MILK’s new album produced by Fran Ashcroft (Gorillaz, Dandy Warhols, Damon Albarn) in Los Angeles and Liverpool.
MILK new album available on iTunes, myspace store & all digital downloads.

FLY, MILK free new video on CNET TV

“This is a new exciting band. You are going to dig what Milk is about. They have a load of songs that are pretty cool. The songs “Fly” and “Monochrome” are probably the best. I would like to see these guys live. I hear that they are from LA, but they recorded part of this about in Liverpool. Psychedelic Rock is still alive with bands like Milk. This band is worthy.” Continue reading

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