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Things to Make and Do

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REVIEW: Rising Times, London Barfly – Friday, 29th July 2005

The London indie scene is at present flourishing with an array of bands accumulating charmingly intimate fan bases. North London based Rising Times are no exception and the Barfly is bubbling with familiar faces. Rising Times have managed to have attracted a vast range of audience members. From the clingers on; “Hi, I’m the management’s dogsbody, are you one of the reviewers?!?”, to your average Joe cigar smokers, they all seem perfectly contented, if not enthused throughout. Despite already having doubled the projected life spans of their peers, Rising Times fall sharply into the category of what is fast becoming more and more stereotypical of London bands. In short, they are pretty average, pretty rocky, pretty loud and have pretty much nothing to say for themselves whatsoever. Continue reading

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Boy Kill Boy – Live at the 100 Club, London, 27/ 07/ 05

Clad in black leather and skinny ties, east-London’s Boy Kill Boy look more like CBGB endorsed punk revolutionaries in the spirit of The Stooges then the slightly emo, pretty effeminate synth popsters they are.
Lead singer Chris wears a black hat last seen in ‘A Clockwork Orange’. Coupled with his wide-eyed stare, the effect is somewhat jarring; like a droog singing you the songs of Morrissey as a cheap keyboard plays in the background. Their choruses lodge themselves in the head, as we think here, just maybe, we have genuine British superstars-in-waiting to rival The Killers. Only time and a few more tunes will tell but for now there’s always their three-month old debut single ‘Suzie’, the best song about going to a club to face certain disappointment since The Smiths’ ‘How Soon Is Now?’. Continue reading

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SINGLE REVIEW: Wishing Well – Harrisons (Melodic) – Out August 22nd

Harrisons and their new single Wishing Well are a boisterous Maximo Park. The most blatant difference between the two being that Harrisons are far more direct to the punch. Continue reading

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SINGLE REVIEW: The Alps, World At War – Out 15th August 2005

World At War with b-side Eleventh Hour combined, is another unusual drop caught up in the tidal wave of revised Britpop, signalling the rebirth of acknowledgment of the recognition of the wonderful aspects of British accents. World At War while commanding a foot tapping accompaniment from it’s audience leaves you with the impression that something here is missing. Continue reading

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SINGLE REVIEW: Patrick Duff (EMI/Harvest Records) – Married With Kids, 25th July 2005

Patrick Duff is on his fourth album, the current album – Luxury Problems being his solo debut.

He is Bristol’s answer to sadistic, synthesized Britpop, the single is taken from his current album released all the way back in June. It is a realistic take on a suburban, modern day reinterpretation of Frank Sinatra’s “Love and Marriage”. Continue reading

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Truck Festival 2005

easy… have just got back from the truck festival in oxford. nice little place with only about 3000 people there. several good bands & lots of horse sh*t. special mention in this category must go to ‘sexy breakfast’, the ‘schla la la’s’ & the magic numbers. to say anything else would be slander & i don’t wanna start slagging everybody off so let’s just leave it at that. as far as decent bands go, the electric soft parade were ace. Continue reading

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