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Recorb Va Va

Sadly it seems that Ships A Goin’ Down are no more, which is a real loss to the world of Shellac/High Dependency Unit tinged music. However, it seems that Chris and Rob are now in a new band called [b]Recorb Va Va[/b] so we’ll be keeping an ear for their future output. Continue reading

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the dresden dolls

has anyone heard these? heard one of their songs on mtv2 – thought it was pretty good. they got any shows coming up? ……its was then followed by the black velevets. they are awful.

nikki. Continue reading

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Retro Music, [insert genre here]-revivals, and its place in Modern Music

So, my first piece of writing for this place, I thought I’d do something intellectual but short and snappy, something that’s been on my mind recently. Everything nowadays is labelled as retro, is it retro, what is retro, why is it retro?

Take the Strokes, The Libertines, even something as obscure as British Sea Power, and invariably at least one critic will use the word “retro”. Perhaps it’s an overused word in our present climate. I for one cannot see anything which makes most of these bands retro at all. Continue reading

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EP Review: Angels Fight the City – "Like a Dog"

I bought [url=]Angels Fight the City’s[/url] EP tonight at their Bull & Gate gig and I have to admit to being impressed again at their performance, particularly by singer/guitarist JS’ breaking of a string on the second band’s guitar after first assuring them it wouldn’t happen!

So, the CD: We get a plastic slipcase with a very nicely printed foldout inlay, displaying a blurry picture of the band as-was (they now have a brand-new drummer who certainly can play a good gig), and a rather nice picture to go with the title of “Like a Dog”. It feels quality. Continue reading

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The Official 2004 Shit List

Working in a dead-end job as part of your meticulously planned gap year does hold its advantages and chief amongst these is the fun that can be had creating wholly arbitrary mental lists as a way of preventing the seemingly inevitable slide into a state that resides somewhere between comatose and clinically dead. With that in mind, I’ve decided to type up the list that I spent the majority of yesterday creating whilst once again basking in the myriad wonders of high street retail. Although 2004 has, all things considered, been a great year for music I’m going to concentrate on the ‘artists’ who have managed to inspire levels of hatred inside me that I didn’t even know it was humanly possible to feel. So, at the risk of going all Q-esque on you, please allow me to present (in reverse order, with the top five to follow when I get my arse in gear) The Official 2004 Shit List. Continue reading

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10,000 Things ARE YOU READY??

Caroline Murphy
– 10,000 Things – Review

So what do the music magasines know about the “sensitive side” of a group of sexed up 20-some”Things”!?! Their stage show gives anything but that impression but close up and personal in the smaller venues of Hull Jaz Bar and Shrewsbury Buttermarket, I can tell a different story. Ok, so the sexual content of many of their songs is anything but innuendo, but the bass and lead guitar riffs (courtesy of George, Will, and Davro) in “Food Chain” for example, give a far weightier tone to what could otherwise be pure frivolity. Lead singer, Sam Riley’s horny girations, coupled with expressions like, “You’re a good f**k Will” are balanced by the other musicians obvious talent and enjoyment in their music. Will hardly bats an eyelid whilst Sam humps his leg (like a hamster on heat) simply continuing to play in his Mr. Smooth style. What other band features bongos, and a guiro, alongside sex, booze, and rock ‘n’ roll. Continue reading

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The X-Mas Files – The Rest

Day Two

Christmas Day is a rare occasion for the extended family to have a get-together. I am glad it is a rare occasion. Like every year for the past 25-odd years, we meet in a Bavarian theme restaurant-come-beerhall. Only that it isn’t themed as such – it is the real deal (gulp) and those waiters really do sport Lederhosen and think nothing of it.

Just as I pat myself on the back for emigrating and leaving all this behind, the party’s novelty guest arrives in the shape of my cousin’s Portugese fiance. For most members of the Vergho clan, this is the most exotic life is ever going to get. Apart from the time when my uncle played host to a law student from Togo. Continue reading

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