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The Dillinger Escape Plan/ Poison The Well @ The Oxford Zodiac 26/11/04

Pretension within music is a notoriously ambiguous concept; after all, for every person driven into a post-orgasmic trance by Mogwai they’ll be another two asking where the vocals have gone. But then there’s pretension and there’s Ephel Duath. No doubt their game plan (I’m guessing it’s to cover every single musical genre known to man within the space of one song) is admirable but they execute it in such irritatingly smug fashion and with such little flair that it’s hard to feel anything other than murderous intent towards them as they wank over their fret boards. Everything about this band seems arbitrary, from the ‘I’m made, me’ singer screaming over everything to the trombone player who does little more than play single notes at random intervals. I’m sure someone somewhere in the world will say they like Ephel Duath; I’m also sure that someone will be lying when they say this. Continue reading

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free gig! Detwiije, October All Over, Akira, Steve Mann

akira presents: DOUBLE DARES DON’T WORK ON TERRORISTS [Wed, 8/12, Catch Bar, Shoreditch]

sunshine to all

paper-cuts to unbelievers

this will be short + sweet as usual:

AKIRA return to action this month with a string of gigs that begins with their monthly night at the Catch Bar in Shoreditch.

amazing post-rockers DETWIIJE will be headlining. in preparation for their January French tour, the band will be road-testing material for their new album. feedback, violin, guitars, stars and projected imagery. Continue reading

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Mclusky – Andy Falkous:Invterview

[COLOR=red]Walking into a sound check of ‘KK Kitchens’ tells you mclusky have returned and are as visceral as ever. Whereas most band’s sound tends to mellow mclusky are getting harsher and it sounds fucking awesome. This however was not the indication they had given us. The post ‘Do Dallas’ break saw mclusky release two singles, one of which ‘Undress for Success’, which now seems an unusual choice considering the direction ‘The difference…’ took, was a tamer even poppier affair than anything from even the first album.[/color] Continue reading

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Gig review: Mclusky @ ULU, Friday 26th November 2004

While the Strokes’ choreographed aloofness tends to get the better of them after two consecutive shows, and in the week when IPC darlings Blackwire made a mockery of their exalted status with a venue-emptying display in midweek, [url=]Mclusky[/url] look leaner and fitter after extensive tours of Europe and the US; set opener “Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues” has never sounded better, while the ferocious “Without MSG I am Nothing” is probably the best song anyone will hear anywhere this year; we’ve waited a while for this, and the boys from Cardiff don’t disappoint. Too often, words like “thrashy”, “dirty” and “discordant riff” are used by reviewers to excuse or justify the lack of melodies or feeling; when Andy Falkous and Jon Chapple grunt the song’s paranoid-mantra-cum-chorus (“Everywhere I look, it’s a darkness”) over a churning bassline, there’s no irony here, no purpose-sewn ripped jeans . “That Man Will Not Hang” is belted out “for contractual reasons”, while fans’ favourites from 2002’s “Do Dallas” album are also in abundance; namely “Alan is a Cowboy Killer” and “Chases”. Continue reading

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Thanks for the matches..

Whilst sifting through the debris of Saturday night in Camden (two crumpled fags, 20 drum’n’bass flyers, about 15 quid in change) i came accross these matches and then, in typical alcohol-flashback style I remember rambling drunkenly to some bloke about Bill Hicks, or something or other. Nice site, like the idea behind it and the minimalistic no bullshit layout sans banner advertising is pretty refreshing to see. Continue reading

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MP3 Review: The Heal

[url=]The Heal[/url] are “a four-piece rock band from Staines, Middlesex with one intent to write classic tracks which will stand the test of time”. So far so like everyone else in a band. I mean I’d like to write classic tracks that stand the test of time. No scrap that, I’d like to write tracks which rip your guts out and make you want to sell crack on the streets of London to have enough money to buy a computer to rip them off the net. But luckily in this site’s holistic approach to reviewing, the band’s image is just one thing to consider. Continue reading

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Okay: That's NOT Busking

I think it’s time someone said something. For some reason the majority of buskers on the tubes seem to be unaware what should really constitute a reason for the general public to (a) listen to them and (b) give some money.

A case in point today where the guy at the bottom of the Northern Line escalators at Leicester Square was doing Shadows-type blues electric lead guitar over an awful backing track, using a battery powered amplifier. Continue reading

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