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On Borat

Foreign policy dominates the news agenda. As a seemingly endless dirge of blame and recriminations drags on with no end in sight, we are greeted to the hideous spectacle of pro-war MPs asking where it all went wrong, playing innocent and playing dumb. Where did it all go wrong? How did a civilised, democratic country help engineer such an awful and indefensible bloodbath? For a becalmed electorate, the answer lies at least in part in the dehumanisation of the non-white peoples that has been such a pervasive theme in popular entertainment ever since the very dawn of cinema, characterised by an abject lack of respect which in time helps render the most offensive outrages permissible by a strange numbing of the sense of human solidarity between peoples. Continue reading

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An Interview With The Noble Snipers

The Noble Snipers are a highly secetive pair, they do very few gigs and they are almost impossible to get hold of as neither of them own mobile phones. I thoroughly enjoyed them when I saw them play live a few months ago and they said they would be up for an interview. It took longer than I expected but after repeated messages back and forth through myspace I finally got them to agree to this question-fest. I met the band (minus their ever present drum machine) in New Cross and this is pretty much what happened…. Continue reading

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