Nosferatu D2 – We're Gonna Walk Around This City With Our Headphones On To Block Out The Noise

Nosferatu D2 split up in 2007 and yet here we are witnessing the release of their album, only a couple of years late and not the result of the band but of someone called Jamie Halliday who claims to specialise in commercial suicide. On this basis, who could argue? Clearly he’s a big fan of the band, though one hopes he doesn’t have them tattooed on his stomach and only owns the one mug…

I first saw Nosferatu D2 when they had a bassist and were called Tempertwig and I liked them enough to buy a 7″ I couldn’t play and then promptly forgot all about them (to my eternal shame). Then I kept reading about this band Nosferatu D2 but failing to see them until my own band played a gig with them; in fact I didn’t even get the joke of the name until someone said it to me. At that gig I thought to myself, “This band is really like Tempertwig,” and the realities of the situation were then explained to me. Clearly, like the release of this record, I’m somewhat slow.

Nosferatu D2’s sound is a massively pleasing mix of ideas, melodic but far from simplistic, melancholic but wryly humorous. Unlike most other two-piece rock acts they don’t go for a fuzzy garage rock sound and nor do they employ guitar effects to fill in the sound. The guitar is barely distorted often sparsely played while the drums frantically beat through driving rhythms with double hits more common with much heavier music. Bens vocals are more often barked than sung, although I suppose ‘spoken loudly’ might be more accurate since ‘barking’ implies something Sergeant-Majorish about the proceedings.

There’s probably no way for me to describe the lyrics that doesn’t make them sound either very dull, incredibly self-absorbed or both, so let’s just say they’re really good and not at all like that…Even though they are often about dull things with a strong hint of ’emo’ about them. But Ben never fails to give us a knowing sense to these lyrics giving their honesty a blackly ironic touch, and even if they are about normal things in a boring life, the chances are you know exactly what he’s talking about. Who needs escapist lyrics in any case? There might be the veneer of melancholy about them but mostly you’ll find yourself smiling at the vicarious memories.

[url=]Audio Antihero[/url] have spent a lot of money putting out a great album by a fantastic band that aren’t around any more and that’s amazing. I think you should buy it. There’s a link here:

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