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Album Review: 3hostwomexicansandatinorspanners "Pegasus Bridge"

The band with an almost indecipherable name have been playing the sort of clubs I go to for some time now but I’ve managed to miss them every time. And I’m now quite pissed off about it because on the strength of this album they should be bloody amazing. Previous releases from [url=] Noisestar [/url] (well the ones I’ve owned) have been beautiful slabs of vinyl, but this is an MP3-friendly CD, perhaps not as aesthetically pleasing but certainly practical. Reading the song titles is enough pique my interest: Continue reading

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Listings and Events


I’ve updated the Events page so it looks a lot nicer and the links are more obvious. They go straight to our listings sub-site (you can get there by clicking the link in the top right of the screen.

In the listings you can sign up for a separate newsletter for your listings information that will be sent twice a week, and there’s also a reminder set up.

Theo Graham-Brown
We Continue reading

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Interview: Guy Taylor from Globalise Resistance

[i]Last week, iShotTheDeputy’s Nathaniel Mehr met Guy Taylor, an activist from the left-wing campaign group Globalise Resistance ( Globalise Resistance originally formed in 2001 to organise UK activists travelling to Genoa to demonstrate at the G8 summit that year. It has since taken on a prominent role in the global justice movement in the UK, forming one part of the Stop the War Coalition, and engaging like-minded groups and individuals, both from within the UK and from abroad, for discussion forums as well as public demonstrations.[/i] Continue reading

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The Brainlove Records 7" Club

No, it’s not some sort of dubious pornographic reference, though it does include the presence of vinyl objects of love… Read on for the press release:

[i]The [url=] Brainlove Records [/url] 7” Singles Club is now open! This innovative variation on the classic singles club will present 5 AA-side 7” singles featuring new songs by artists from the Brainlove label, delivered straight to your door approximately every 8 weeks – with the twist of also providing MP3s for a small fee for those with iPods.[/i] Continue reading

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ATP Stage Times Weekend 1 (12th-14th Weekend)

[b][u]Friday 12th May 2006 > MUDHONEY[/u][/b]

[b]Stage One:[/b]
Doors 3.30pm
COUNTRY TEASERS 4.00pm – 4.45pm
HOLLY GOLIGHLY 5.15pm – 6.00pm
THE DRONES 6.30pm – 7.30pm
THE SCIENTISTS 8.00pm – 9.15pm
BLACK MOUNTAIN 9.45pm – 11.00pm
MUDHONEY 11.30pm – 1.00am

[b]Stage Two:[/b]
Doors 2.15pm
DAVID DONERO 3.15pm – 4.00pm
MARK PICKEREL 4.30pm – 5.15pm
JON WAHL + AMADANS 5.45pm – 6.45pm Continue reading

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20th Anniversary of Chernobyl

So this is the 20th Anniversary of the biggest nuclear accident ever. Well I think that’s what the news is saying. I certainly remember it being pretty shocking at the time and that we were vaguely worried that a large nuclear cloud would drift over and kill us. I don’t actually remember being as young as I must have been, though, which is peculiar. Looking back over much of the Cold War period seems a little unreal: the threat of terrorism probably seems more scary now than the possibility of a nuclear war did, and I remember that being something that worried me a lot, given I was quite young. Continue reading

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Album Review: Sarandon – The June Bride

[I] The June Bride [/I] is a mini album to be released on 7″ only, containing seven tracks with a total running time of just under nine minutes. I can’t actually comment on the packaging or quality of the vinyl since the promo is naturally on boring CD, but I’ve had plenty of 7″s off Leeds’ [url=] Wrath Records [/url] to know final result shouldn’t disappoint. This is actually the fourth such mini seven-track 7″ album release from [url=] Sarandon, [/url] the other three being [i]The Miniest Album [/i] (Run Out Records), [i]The Big Flame [/i] (Banzan Records) and [i]The Feminist Third, [/i] and later this year there’s apparently a 28 track CD compilation with all four albums on. Continue reading

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