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Christmas! The time where most people visit their parents for the holidays. Like some twisted new episode of Back To The Future, we end up in our former bedrooms. Only that they’re no longer our bedrooms. No time was wasted to transform the bunkbedded, postered havens of our childhood into guestrooms (but why. Parents’ visitors don’t stay over night, do they?). Mine’s now ‘the library’. Even the bed has gone. I am reduced to sleeping on the sofa in my own bloody room. Continue reading

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Helen Love – It’s My Club (single on Elefant)

2007 has been a good year for the Helen Love fan collective. A new album and a new single! You have to import it from Spain still, because it isn’t out in the UK yet (argh!). It is lovely though. The cover is particularly pleasant – it has a girl with good hair and headphones on it. Whoever this is, I do want to go to her clubnight. No really, I do.

It’s My Club is a fun, partly vocodered discoey number. We got bubblegum punkrock disco soul … we got glitter dance floors … we got backbeat, baby. Ooooh, do you really? Continue reading

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My Top 10 of 2007

This is very much a personal take on 2007 and shouldn’t be taken as the view of the site as a whole, if the site could be considered to have such a thing.

10. Shellac – Excellent Italian Greyhound

Not Shellac’s best record and I debated leaving it out for a long time and bringing in maybe Liars or Thurston Moore at the bottom. There are eight great tracks and one (Genuine Lulabelle) that’s usually a stinker unless you’re in the mood for a bit of rambling nonsense, but those other eight are really good. The main issue is that the Peel sessions of End of Radio, Paco, Steady as She Goes and Spoke are all much meatier sounding and possibly better takes. Surely everyone prefers “Play the drums!” to be barked out rather than murmured quietly? I do, but then maybe that’s just because that’s how I heard it first. So I decided to ignore the ‘spoiling’ nature of what I’d downloaded and consider how great I’d have thought all these songs were if it was my first listen. Certainly a better record than 1000 Hurts, maybe better than Terraform and deserving of a position in the top 10. Continue reading

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Your account has been temporarily locked …

Mobile phone network’s web sites are supposed to be making life easier, not more difficult. You’re supposed to log in and access everything with ease.

I’ve had the same mobile number for seven years, and still haven’t managed to access this web site. Not even once. Password no working. Password reset not working. Web site down. Email address wrong. The list goes on.

All I’m trying to do is find out what phone I can get as an upgrade. This time I’m intending on doing this in a more informed fashion than last time where I just rang and declared I wanted ‘the pretty red round one off the telly!’. (the pretty red round phone wasn’t so good. It got in a halestorm and hasn’t been right ever since). Continue reading

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Oppenheimer – Fandango @ 229, London 6th December 07

Now, people were supposed to go see Bis that day. Sadly, Bis got cancelled. Just as well, saved me the mad dash from Islington Academy to 229, because I had every intention of seeing both Bis and Oppenheimer.

Oppenheimer are the best thing that has emerged from Belfast for quite some time. No really, they are. The Myspace tagline reads ‘2 people, 1 sound, perfect pop music’. That is a wild understatement. Two people that seem to be doing the job of about five. One plays drums, sings, whips out a Melodica every now and then, the other plays an array of synths, jumps between them like a madman, leaps around robotically and even finds time to shout into a vocoder. Well and truly amazing. Continue reading

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'Tis The Season To Be Jolly

As far as your average office is concerned, Christmas started in early November. (No, not retail-Christmas, that’s in September). Those annoying email forwards are getting more festive, you’re sent the first virtual snowball fight (where’s the fun in that?) of the season and eager admin workers are subtly asking where last year’s box of tinsel has been stowed away. You’re secretly hoping said box of tinsel burnt in a big stationery fire, but that never really happens. Continue reading

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Facebook and Privacy

“Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you”

Or is it? Welcome to the ludicrous world of Facebook where my girlfriend can join up and her sister is already my friend but try as we might it appears there’s no way for my girlfriend to actually attempt to add her sister as a friend. The best they can do is see the other’s posts on the wall of my page and various mutual friends’ pages. Continue reading

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