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When the going gets hairy, the hairy turn pro

Today I have been to the hairdresser’s. I had not been in twenty years. It felt like going to the dentist, but slightly worse. I really don’t know how people manage to put themselves through such a mindboggling experience on a regular basis.

First, a teenager in leopard print leggings, a mini skirt and half a head of pink hair set about the washing part. Thanks to the ill-adjusted basin, I still can’t move my neck. Next on, it’s the token camp hairdresser with very short bleached hair and a large studded belt. He quizzes me why I haven’t been to the hairdresser’s for so long, and is puzzled as to how I managed to cut around the back of my head blindly. With a pair of nailscissors and no mirror. I explained I wasn’t too worried about the results, as I couldn’t see the back of my head, anyway. That he did not understand. Continue reading

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Souvaris, Sonicflyer, Future Corpses, Instruments @ Silver Rocket (21/09/07)

It’s good to be back at the Buffalo Bar for Silver Rocket again. It’s a great venue and tonight, as befits the bands they’ve got tonight, it’s rammed. I met Instruments’ drummer on the night bus home from the last Silver Rocket here so it’s good to see both him and his band are great. They have a lot of starting and stopping with driving bass lines and strange time signatures and, crucially for such music, Matt knows when not to play drums as much as when to kick in. There is a lot of very clever, very catchy axe work going on here and I think some vocals but my memory is a little hazy now. It’s good stuff. Continue reading

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On Owning Property

The massive desire to own your own home and the belief that this is so important is something I’d ascribe to Margaret Thatcher. I might even term it her ‘last laugh’ but then there are so many other legacies it would seem pointless: I wasn’t cognitive of the time before her arrival but I grew up in her shadow and watched as her policies drove a wedge between people of a certain wealth and those above it, making the poor that much poorer. I will admit, perhaps grudgingly, that her policies probably had good in the bad, that the prosperity we have now is down to things she did; most of politics seems to be about benefiting some part of society while harming another rather than having an objective good or bad. Continue reading

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You Me the Switch: 7" EP

You Me the Switch are a fantastic ‘mathy’ instrumental band, comprising two guitars, one bass and some immense drums. What I think sets them apart from many similar bands is their incredibly light use of distortion, bringing it in to add bite and loudness to their tracks, but never in a mad wall-of-noise type affair, done so brilliantly by a band like Mogwai. We still get the dynamic, quiets and the louds but at no point do we lose any of the interaction between the band’s instruments and more importantly at no point are we anything less than captivated. Continue reading

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Silver Rocket @ The Enterprise – Superman Revenge Squad, Reigns (14/09/07)

The excellent Silver Rocket has been looking for a home for its second monthly night since the Garage was unceremoniously closed by Mean Fiddler. Originally it was to only be for a few months but then something happened and they decided they’d rather sell it off and in the meantime finding the right venue with an available slot on Friday in London clearly was never going to be easy. Tonight’s Camden gig was a tester for the return to two Silver Rocket clubs a month using the Enterprise by Chalk Farm tube. Continue reading

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The Madeleine McCann Case

I think most people I know were surprised at quite how much news coverage this has been generating. Certainly missing child cases have always had the power to be a massive draw but this one seemed to take on a life of its own. There have been a few mentions of so-called [url=]’Missing White Woman Syndrome'[/url] on the web as a way of explaining this, but it seems little more than a convenient response. I would say it’s more likely down to it not being a case of “There, but for the grace of God…” thanks to the apparent stupidity of the McCanns on the night of Madeleine’s disappearance or death. Continue reading

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A Re-Design for Our 3rd Birthday

To celebrate the site’s 3rd birthday we thought we’d give it a much-needed spring clean. A few things have changed: gone for good is the heavy black text; we’ve stripped out the various forums and replaced them with a single message board, containing all the old posts, naturally. As well as that there is now an updated Staff Listing page and a full Site Index, which doesn’t include message board posts. Finally, we’ve a new logo and header format. We hope you like it. Continue reading

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