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On the Blair Legacy

We are by now quite used to the fact that nearly every media discussion-based item devoted to our soon-to-be-erstwhile Prime Minister is a showpiece for the most degenerate currents in the mainstream political discourse – from the sycophantic fawning of his supporters and sympathisers, to the disingenuous and incoherent protestations of his critics on the right, all truly cringeworthy in their own way, and all balanced out by a heroic lack of assertiveness on the part of the presenter or chair as the case may be. And yet the recent debate over Mr Blair’s “legacy” appears to have plumbed new depths, as the nation’s politicians and political commentators joined forces in an orgy of denial and indulgent drivel which in and of itself constituted the strongest evidence of the true legacy of Tony Blair’s ten years as Prime Minister. Continue reading

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Album Review: Open Mouth – "Import/Export"

Open Mouth is nothing if not gracious in the face of a bad review, proudly including in his latest press release an excerpt from iShotTheDeputy’s rather negative verdict on his recent single, perhaps demonstrating a sense of humour, or perhaps in a sarcastic snipe at iShotTheDeputy’s cultural insignificance. That’s the fascinating thing about singer-songwriters, you never know quite what they’re thinking, these brooding, precious enigmas. Continue reading

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