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Why a Call to "Unfuck the World" Won't Bring Down Bush

The tireless work of Globalise Resistance, the UK-based campaign group which has organised many scores of meetings, forums and demonstrations up and down the country over the past few years, has been an inspirational, well-organised thorn in the side of a stagnant parliamentary politics. It is a great pity, therefore, that the campaign group – which is controlled by a “steering group” composed of twenty individuals, eight of whom are Socialist Worker Party members, and twelve of whom profess independence – has chosen as its preferred means of communication with the masses the medium of the ultra-puerile, the asinine and the downright moronic. Continue reading

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A night with The Noble Snipers

I heard about this band through the inevitable my space invitiation but I have to say that I am glad that I did. Making the rather strange claim that they sound like Twilight! Insects! Iron! Rays! and Lust! and with only a home demo to their name The Noble Snipers are currently boy/girl a two-peice with recorded drumloops on a minidisc! (It actually works, somehow!)

It was with the anticipaton of what I was about to witness that I dashed over to New Cross to see what turned out to be their ‘first gig in London’ which is actually their first gig anywhere!! Singer and guitarist Jimmy stands onstage looking scared/bored in a rather fetching red jacket and white shoes, bass player Meka stands all dressed in black like some kind of film noir femme fatale…..From the off things are looking good. They tear into the opener Chancer John, a one and a half minute tribute to a friend of the band who is not present tonight, sadly. It is raucous and rough around the edges but it is also brilliant. Continue reading

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Russian Tunnel Crash


You’ve got to hope that no one get hurt here, but I don’t understand (a) the trance music and (b) how a lot of these could happen. Are drivers just insane in Russia? That bus shouldn’t have gone that insane, surely? Continue reading

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Next ISD Band Night: Thurs 23rd March

“The old ISD Mailing List is dead, long live the ISD newsletter.”

Welcome to the new, still only occasional, iShotTheDeputy newsletter. The main reason for its inauguration is to inform all of our site members about the upcoming night of bands we’re putting on upstairs at the Enterprise in Chalk Farm on Thursday 23rd March.

We’ll be putting on:
[b]Swimsuit Issue[/b] – [url][/url] Continue reading

Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment Band Night: Thurs 23rd March is putting on an evening’s entertainment on Thursday 26th March 2006, at the Enterprise pub, opposite Chalk Farm Tube in Camden [url=,-0.153058&spn=0.003009,0.009881](GOOGLE MAPS LINK)[/URL]. Entry is £3, or a mere £2 with a flyer (this time, it‘s cult footballers – watch out for a young Charlie Nicholas), which you can download right here. Check links (below) or rely on the following brief summaries – the choice is yours. Continue reading

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Gspot 2-all dayer-PleasureUnit- London 8th April and Jim Rhesus productions presents:
Time: 12pm

London four piece THE BOYFRIENDS are a stunning live prospect following on from opening up John Peel’s new band tent last summer, they have produced a series of brilliant performances across the capital, from Stay Beautiful to the Brixton Windmill. Musically the Boyfriends are dark, but always uplifting they are often compared to the Smiths, but thats a lazy comparison. Sure Martin’s vocal tone shares Morrissey’s melodrama and passion, but this band have more disparate influences: you can hear the throb of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” in David’s Bass notes, and the crunching power of the Jesus and Mary Chain in Richard’s aggressive guitar licks. They have recently received airplay on Radio 1’s Fresh Meat section, and are set to release a single called “I Love You” in Feb on Boobytrap! We are proud to unveil them as our headliners for Gspot 2. Continue reading

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Album Review: Mclusky – Mcluskyism

Perhaps the insipid jealousy of IPC music journalists was a factor; the maintenance of a sweaty conveyor-belt of grateful haircuts being the easiest way for them to flatter their collective vanity, while they in turn pay an annual sycophantic homage for the swollen, self-indulgent egotism of some Bono/Geldof/Oasis-type. Perhaps the marginalisation of Mclusky, in spite of numerous positive reviews by the very same journalists, was inevitable given that the journalists most responsible were answerable first of all to their own sense of inadequacy, and secondly to the purveyors of hair styling products. Both in terms of lyrical content and musical ferocity, rock music finds itself at an all-time low, dreadfully fashionable and in league with the designers of Top Shop catalogues and every other sort of inane consumerist dross. Continue reading

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