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Dakar Rally – Assorted tracks

Whatever happened to old fashioned demo tapes? It’s all about Myspace these days. No more handprinted labels. No more photocopied cassette covers. No more taping over random tapes and sticking sellotape over the holes so you could actually do that.

Dakar Rally, presumably they mean the Paris – Dakar one, a gruesome and sweaty beast of a car race that only the most determined in only the best cars manage to complete. Somehow I was expecting this band to sound laborious, energetic and driven (sic). Continue reading

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Oppenheimer at Old Blue Last, London 17 April 2007

Oppenheimer are two people from Nortern Ireland. One plays drums, the other plays guitar and ambles round in a robotic fashion whilst doing so. Add to this a monumental backing track that is sometimes a bit 80s and sometimes on the verge of being cheesy.

But they are so good! And I cannot comprehend how in this day and age, were drum machines are making a comeback, they aren’t MASSIVE. Ironically, they seem to be bigger in the States than they are over here, for some reason. Continue reading

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Bis @ Islington Academy 07 April 07

Bis – The Aftermath

So this was the Bis reunion gig! Ten years since The New Transistor Heroes hit the shops. TEN fucking years. Since then we’ve had a poppy second album and a slightly odd third album. And Data Panik. And The Kitchen. And Sci-Fi Steven’s something Stiletto electro project.

Bis came on, a lot of people felt strangely emotional. I sure had a lump in my little throat. They did the infamous LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, I GIVE YOU THE POP GROUP BIS! Introduction and launched straight into Tell It To The Kids. OMG, like. They even wheeled out an ancient drum machine for the, er, older works. Where else do you get a thousand people (come on, it must have been!) shouting I’m gonna get you! With my Icky Poo! ICKY POO!!? Late twenty-somethings hoarse from songs about fizzy cola bottles and School Diskos? Continue reading

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Why "Impartiality" in News Coverage Means a Sleep-Walk to the Right

“Opinions are not facts. What happened and how you feel about it are two different things. And people should know which is which.”

This was the earnest declaration at the centre of an advertisement poster for The Guardian newspaper, a poster which can be presently seen adorning the London transport system, inviting commuters to ponder at its earnestness and profundity. The observations are surely correct – opinions are indeed not the same as facts, and events are not the same as feelings. And of course the more people can distinguish events and feelings the better. But it is not entirely clear that the problem of people confusing events and feelings was an issue of social concern, except perhaps in some very specific circles – surrealists’ conventions, perhaps, or crack-houses. The Guardian might just have legitimately launched a colourful campaign to convince us that it would not be worthwhile or in the public interest to confuse road traffic accidents with yearnings. Continue reading

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JUNKPLANET play @ New Cross Inn, April 7th

Hey guys,

Apologies for the spam, but does anyone fancy coming to this and covering it? Drop me an email if you do. I noticed Junkplanet were in the iSD top friends.

All the best,
Vicky xx presents:

JUNKPLANET @ NeW CRoSS iNN, this Saturday (April 7th)

(flyer –

Junkplanet – Brainlove Record’s finest produce, Junkplanet are experimental madness Continue reading

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