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a lovely thing

Issue #2 of the PowPowPow magazine is now on sale. It is a relative bumper issue, in full colour with a great free CD too!
It features interviews with Guillemots, The Mountains Goats, The Boyfriends, The Subways, as well as a feature on Transgressive Records.
As for reviews….it includes albums from Thom Yorke, Beirut, Oh No! Oh My!, An Albatross, Muse, The Upper Room, Sonic Youth, Gnarls Barkley, The Spinto Band, Scott Walker, The Bronx, Semifinalists, Fat Freddy’s Drop, The Futureheads, Matmos, TV On The Radio, Tunng….and many more! There’s also single reviews of Cord, iLiKETRAiNS, Good Books, Hundred Reasons, Morrissey, etc… Continue reading

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Welcome to the New Site Design

The site’s been pretty much unchanged in look for something like 18 months now so we have decided to give the old place a bit of a facelift. Apart from the new ‘serif’ (that’s a technical font term for you) logo and titles, the first thing you should notice is this new, heavy and menacing black font. We like it and believe me, if we could have got your monitor to display silver, we’d have gone for the full-on SS look. And if you believe that you can probably just stop reading the site altogether. Continue reading

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End This Punishment of the Palestinians

[i] The following is a petition from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign ( [/i]

The Israeli government’s behaviour at present is to be condemned (Report, July 8). The failure of our government to speak out against Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian population is complicit with those actions of the EU, the US and Israel. It is, in effect, a coordinated attempt to collectively punish the Palestinian people for electing a government of which they disapprove. Having lectured the people of the Middle East about democracy for decades, Europe and the US are seeking to trample upon the democratic rights of the Palestinian people. Continue reading

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Album Review: Envy

Let’s take a moment to think about a couple of musical terms in their most cynically base forms. Post-rock. What does it mean exactly? Stood looking back on a decade or so of bands intent on dishing out tinnitus not just through volume but through stealth, we know what it now stands for – quiet guitar, loud guitar, quieter guitar, loud guitar, same beat stretched over fifteen minutes in order to get the tempo slow enough, abrupt halt at the end so you don’t have to strain over the noise to hear your own head imploding. Once a term intended to embrace all those who expanded, perverted and developed the rock template, it’s now a rigid template itself. And what of Hardcore, what springs to mind? Am I being jaded in thinking it will be some greasy, pasty, black-clad boy-band going shred, growl, shred faster, employ two bass pedals, growl louder, feedback? Where once it could have been potentially the broadest of terms for any music pushing some sort of extremity, as a word associated primarily with one type of guitar racket it has been allowed to fall into its own grubby pair of semantic handcuffs.

Continue reading

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Bruised knuckles and blood on the street.

Last night, courtesy of the all-powerful telly, I watched a procession of stern-faced Italian men flagellate themselves with spiked glass paddles until the blood ran down their legs. As they wandered through the streets of a tiny Southern Italian village dressed in black, they scrubbed at their own calves with cork blocks soaked in white wine, to stop the blood clotting and keep it running freely in an oily crimson sheen that matched the crimson robes and crucifixes sported by their young sons trailing behind. One man told of how he had accompanied his father in the processions as a child, and how he hoped his wide-eyed seven year-old would one day follow in his footsteps. I was unexpectedly shocked, and found myself involuntarily shielding my eyes (but still peeking through my fingers) as the men struck repeatedly at their own legs, inflicting pain upon themselves to share in the suffering of Christ and bring themselves closer to heaven. Continue reading

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