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iShotTheDeputy afternoon: 24th March @ the Notting Hill Arts Club – FREE has been allowed to take over the traditional Saturday afternoon slot at the [url=]Notting Hill Arts Club[/url] that [url=]Rough Trade Records[/url] run (RoTa).

This event is always free and occurs from 4pm until 8pm, meaning you can pop-down, grab a surprisingly tasty and cheap, hitherto unknown, lager beer and still be able to make your important evening engagements. And all this in the ‘high class’ surrounds of Notting Hill. Continue reading

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i saw them last night at 100 club in london and thought they were amazing, does anyone know anything about them? i need to know more!!! Continue reading

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Single Review – Open Mouth / Dexy

This split single is out on February 26th courtesy of Angry Liberal Records. Open Mouth is the nom-de-guerre of a solo artist named Seymour who used to be in a band called Miss Black America. “Castle Keep” is an unremarkable, dreary, bland slice of indulgent acoustic tripe, irredeemably pointless and critically indefensible. Song two is “327”, an instrumental acoustic track which does/says/conveys/inspires nothing. Continue reading

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the pop group Bis!

Bis have announced reunion gigs. Ten long years since The New Transistor Heroes came out. How does that make me feel? It makes me feel old. And strangely emotional.

Bis were so much more than just a band that made it onto TOTP once. I dare say, Bis were more like an avalanche. Big avalanche in my life, anyway.


Imagine being stuck under a rock somewhere in Bavaria. The local record shop (aptly named ‘Stereo 2000’. They went bust in ’99) didn’t even stock the latest Blur albums. Getting anything half decent involved a trip to either World of Music in Munich (the import section soon became my best friend), mailorder or a trip to London altogether. Continue reading

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Wojtek Godzisz – Burning Ideals EP (Tigertrap)

Take two unsuspecting punters who are well into their metal. Stick this on stereo during a game of Scrabble. See what happens. Stoner Rocker: ’Euwww, is this the Manic Street Preachers?’. Metallica Girl: ’No, it’s not foppish enough for that! It’s quite sweet actually.’. Stoner Rocker, snatching at press release: ’Ah, he was in Symposium! I see …’. Metallica Girl now tries to put SYMPOSIUM down on the Scrabble board, but discovers she has mostly the wrong letters for this. This makes her irate. ’Why doesn’t he call himself POPQUIZ? I’d have the letters for that!’. Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Invented Race Relations Crisis

What a surprise it was to hear only last week a newsreader for BBC London news remarking, so casually and assuredly that he might have been remarking that Tuesday follows Monday, that in today’s Britain “tensions between cultures have never been greater”. Leaving aside for a moment the quite glaring inaccuracy of the statement – for anyone with even a monosyllabic knowledge of modern British politics will know that it is plainly incorrect – what is most instructive is that this nugget of insight was volunteered not as part of an expose on hook-wielding clerics or BNP skinheads, but was merely part of an introduction to a harmless piece about the cultural diversity embodied and encouraged by the Arsenal football team, whose club was that week carrying out a public relations exercise themed on cultural diversity. By way of introduction the newsreader, or more accurately his editor, was contrasting this initiative favourably with the aforementioned unprecedented cultural tension, probably in the genuine belief that in his own small way he has helped combat the rising tide of hate. Continue reading

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Rage Against the Machine Reform

It seems that the long-dead musical force against the powers of fascism has decided to reform for the [url=]Coachella[/url] festival in California, running from 27th to 29th April. I was surprised, though I suppose the lack of any real solo output from Zack de la Rocha hints that he isn’t finding a good outlet for his views. The less said about Audioslave the better; I caught some of them covering [i]Killing in the Name of[/i] on the German Live 8 feed and while Cornell did a good job on vocals it did seem to be reducing the song’s point somewhat. Continue reading

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