Cardiff Gspot gigs April/May

If you could add these to your listings it would be apreciated cheers!
Cardiff Gspot two legger!In association with GIITTV zine.
April 19th , Toucan club Cardiff.
The Hot Puppies [URL=]The Hot Puppies[/URL]
. . . . Careless Talk Costs Lives

The Strawberry Blondes-[URL=]The Stawberry Blondes[/URL]
“Keeping it strictly roots, Welsh R’n’R mob kings Strawberry Blondes keep their rock ‘n’ roll super charged. Their songs are short, sharp, shocks of highly melodic punk rock bile, based on the rudiments thrown down by the classic first Clash album, or against the grain conviction of the early Manics or the zeitgeist defining lyrical smarts of their beloved Goldblade. The Strawberry Blondes, slash ‘n’ burn two minute blasts of guitar driven Rock ’n’ Roll, their mini anthems, should be top 30 missives. “John Robb

Corporation Blend-[URL=http://www.corporationblend,com]Corporation Blend[/URL]
“London’s worst kept secret, Corporation:Blend, took to the stage one by one, and played one of the most energetic sets I’d seen all year…”HeathenAngel.

Novello [URL=]Novello[/URL]
“Novello are a moody,intense but majestic sounding rock band, from the Welsh valleys.”UkEvents

dj’s Lady and The Tramp and DJ Lauren.
May 3Rd leg two-Toucan Cardiff -£5.00
The international Karate Plus-[URL=]The Ikplus[/URL]

“‘Nexus In A Chain Of Thought’ and ‘Black Christmas’ both share the same racing pulse from start to finish that once made Urusei Yatsura the most exciting band in Britain, while ‘A Century Sound’ sounds like Dinosaur Jr covering The Cure (which I’m led to believe they once did).”

The Vanities [URL=]The Vanities.[/URL]
“Cardiff glamourboys The Vanities release a new chapter in 80s pop…Buzz is a melee of synths and slick preening.”
BBC Wales Music, review of Buzz ep 2004

Luxembourg- [URL=]Luxembourg web[/URL]
“Their brand of observational social commentary, delivered through the medium of soaring, keyboard led indie is steeped in the tradition of classic British bands like The Smiths and Pulp, and singer David Shah is a natural frontman, complete with Jarvis style gesticulations.” Joyzine

Nebraska – no website yet however go here to here songs
[URL=]Nebraska[/URL] “Taking a refreshing twist upon the ghosts of the Smiths, Marion and Ultrasound, Nebraska might just be a band who can carve a place in people’s hearts.” GIITTV zine
djs to be announced
Be there!

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3 Responses to Cardiff Gspot gigs April/May

  1. Anonymous says:

    Okay, I’ve put a link into the gig’s page back to this forum entry as it’s got all the information.

    I was very surprised to see C:B again after all this time at that gig at the Metro last month. Definitely not sure about them now: great stage show for sure, but where were the songs? I particularly remember one from way back called something like ‘The Shutdown’ which was good… *sigh*


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