Applicants – Life in the Bus Lane (Tigertrap)

What could be a better start to an album than a hearty cry of COFFEE!

Applicants are a slightly demented drum-machine assisted group from London. And I am a sucker for this kind of thing. If it goes BOOM!, has synths and a tune, you can’t go too far wrong. If you also have a song that’s only seconds long and literally consists of ‘Would you like to wear my party hat? FUCK OFF FUCK OFF FUCK OFF! NO!, you’re on to a surefire winner.

Oooh, where to start! This is a marvellous album indeed. So many samples! So much swearing! It sounds like (please don’t hit me !) early Beck (think ‘Beercan’!) in places and comes with interesting song titles like ‘History has been kind to Spike Milligan’ and ‘Hypochondriac #2’! And the line ‘Market clothes in Camden leather, dirt is the only thing holding me together’ quite possibly deserves some kind of medal.

I’ve seen Applicants live just the once, and it was like watching a car crash unfold. There was fake blood on faces, a jar of Bockwurst and a very hyper girl in some kind of spandex cat suit. In other words, well worth seeing!

Before I forget, one should also check out the bastardised interpretation of ‘Tie Me Cangaroo Down, Sport’ which is neatly stuck to the end of this fabulously shiny CD.

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