Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


What an intro!

The film is, of course, ludicrous. Who else would survive a nuclear blast by hiding in a (led-lined, obviously) fridge that is being blown around the desert for quite some distance. Who else would be able to fight someone in a moving vehicle from, well, another moving vehicle. Including climbing out of one side of said vehicle, getting back in the other side of said vehicle and still winning?

Purists will probably be annoyed at two aspects of the ending. One is ——-, the other involves Indiana Jones doing ——. The first being more surprising than the latter.

Shia Le Boeuf (that kid from the Transformers movie) does make a marvelous sidekick though, with his little comb and his little flick knife, bless.

This movie is basically Indiana Jones by numbers, but, what’s wrong with that? Does anyone watch these films seriously expect or want any changes or major reinventions of the Indy well? Exactly.

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