Download Review: Superman Revenge Squad – "Idiot Food"

Superman Revenge Squad is one man, formerly half of Nosferatu D2, formerly a third of Tempertwig, so clearly worthy of attention. One man and a guitar is generally not the most arresting of things musically and even the best songsmiths can be rendered dull and empty by the process, but SRS avoids this somehow. I think it’s probably combination of the intelligent yet odd lyrics and the space Ben puts into the songs, the guitar drop outs where the lyrics will continue to no particular meter, forcing you to concentrate fully on what’s being said.

[url=]God Is In The TV[/url] have released [i]Idiot Food[/i] as another in their Singles Club line up. These are entirely free download releases, available from their website: we reviewed the recent Time.Space.Repeat. release [url=]here[/url] and you can get the Superman Revenge Squad release [url=]here[/url].

There are three songs available, Idiot Food (which has been re-recorded especially for this release), [i]Everyone’s Dead[/i] and [i]The Angriest Dog in the World[/i]. As with all of Superman Revenge Squad’s songs there’s a certain melancholy humour to the lyrics here that recalls Morrissey, but somehow more pithy and self-effacing. Musically the melodies and structure aren’t what you expect, keeping you interested, keeping a high dynamic to a simple guitar and voice basis, and it’s this sort of thing that makes it clear why Superman Revenge Squad ends up playing on bills with full bands rather than being buried in acoustic nights where there’d be no chance of gaining any noteriety outside of that scene; not for nothing is Ben the only solo artist on [url=]Silver Rocket’s[/url] rather fine [url=]SR 100 3CD Extravaganza[/url].

I was going to try to describe the songs in more detail but the downloads are there for you to try. The important point is not to file this under ‘singer/songwriter’, ‘acoustic’ or ‘depressing’, or if you must do these things, make sure you see your otologist too. After you like what you hear it’s worth checking out Nosferatu D2 and Tempertwig since there’s a free album download for each of them:

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