Helen Love – It’s My Club (single on Elefant)

2007 has been a good year for the Helen Love fan collective. A new album and a new single! You have to import it from Spain still, because it isn’t out in the UK yet (argh!). It is lovely though. The cover is particularly pleasant – it has a girl with good hair and headphones on it. Whoever this is, I do want to go to her clubnight. No really, I do.

It’s My Club is a fun, partly vocodered discoey number. We got bubblegum punkrock disco soul … we got glitter dance floors … we got backbeat, baby. Ooooh, do you really?

Boots On starts off with piano stuff and appears to sample the ‘oooh-oooah-ooh’ from Video Killed The Radio Star, but just for a split second or so. Here goes another twee candy ring yes/no/maybe highschool romance based around a discoteque and a chippie. There’s also, er, fighting on the dancefloor in, oooh, wait for it, 1979! This is why I love this band SO SO much. One minute the lyrics are all cutesy, next thing it goes ‘you’re gonna get your head kicked in. I can relate to that. Somehow.

Jennifer Hanley … queen of the punkrock electric guitar! Strangely, I know where this chorus was going before it had even started. Sometimes it’s good to be predictable. Jennifer! She’s Got The Beat! aeeeoeeeoooeeeoo!. That was a keyboard line expressed in typing, by the way.

If you like Helen Love, anyway (and you should!), you’ll love this and bop around your bedroom merrily, dreaming of bubblegum and discoboots. If you don’t like Helen Love, you’re probably a lost cause and, quite frankly, you can get lost!

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