Clone Quartet – Well-Oiled Machine (Small Town America / Tigertrap)

A co-release from the people that brought you the lovely Oppenheimer (Smalltown America), and the people that brought you Tiny Masters of Today initially (Tigertrap).

The innovative packaging (you have to rip it open and the damage is irrepairable, because it involves tearing a strip of paper off) will have collectors either in tears or buying two copies (so they can keep a mint one in their cupboard).

Once you braved it and removed the paper, you will soon realise this act of destruction was well worth it, for this is a brilliant album indeed. For it combines dancey drum machines with lovely indiepop tunes and rather distinct vocals (somewhere between Tim Wheeler and Davey McManus of Crocketts/The Crimea fame).

It’s pleasantly loud and energetic in places (Twenty Five [Kane Was A Curse], and positively disco! In others (Need Your Love). The latter even has raygun noises, what more could you possibly ask for in a song?

In short, into this Well Oil Machine they put: electronic + fab vocals + some screaming + catchy tunes + noise = Sheer and utter genius.

And don’t forget to check them out live at the Tigertrap Xmas party (for more info, see ) and catch them before they they catch on and everyone else does!

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