Mikrofisch – Masters Of The Universe

Just in time for Christmas, Mikrofisch’s fabulous second album is released. On free download! You will not have to worry about what to give this trendy friend of yours for the festive season any longer.

Mikrofisch are a boy/girl duo based in London and varying German cities. They are armed with Casios, drum machines and some rather enlightening views on the music scene ( skintight jeans and Myspace hair, they have brought this over us … the kids are all shite!). And theories about hair (Bad Hair Day and (Nobody Listens To You When You’ve Got) Flat Hair).

Needless to say, the concoction resulting from keyboards, drum machines and boy/girl vocals can be described as a little bit twee. In a ‘quiet rebellion in the corner of a club full of scenesters’ kind of way.

And these people sure know how to write a catchy tune! Let’s Kiss and listen to Bis will have post-fanzine-glitterkids era twentysomethings in throes of nostalgia/happily shuffledancing around their tourposter-clad bedrooms. It’s a fabulous song, with ace 80s style synths and it’s even namechecking the Afghan Wigs.

The Kids Are All Shite is already proving a very popular download on their Myspace. Nice to see that today’s youth is not all skinny jeans and emo hair and that they do appreciate a song featuring the lines I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor – BUT NOWHERE ELSE!, FUCK THE KOOKS! and Are You Gonna Be My Girl – FUCK OFF!.

There is even an ode to drum machines on here, in the shape of Drum Machines Will Save Mankind. I dare anyone to beat the line There is no rain in the frequency domain !

Our younger viewers and listeners, who might prefer something a bit more glo-stick, are not left out either – the highly entertaining twee-spoof rave track ‘Focus On It’ (it even goes four to the floor!) and the disco-tastic ‘Disco Fantasy will make sure of that.

And now you must go to http://www.komakinomag.de/index.php?label:mikrofisch and download it.

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One Response to Mikrofisch – Masters Of The Universe

  1. Charcee says:

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