Untitled Musical Project – album (Tigertrap)

About time, too! This noisy Birmingham trio have been gigging themselves to (near) death for quite some time now – if you haven’t had a chance to catch them yet, do so. And do it now, for you will not regret it. Because Untitled Musical Project gigs go BOOM! With a bang.

After a brilliant limited edition single on the infamous White Heat label, your friendly neighbourhood label (Tigertrap) finally brings you the long-awaited (mini) album.

And gosh, all this energy! Cliché as it may sound, but this is indeed fast and furious. Maybe a little bit like McCluskey, only that U.M.P. look better and are a lot better live.

How anyone can scream and shout so much whilst wielding guitars shall remain a mystery – although random anger could well play a part in this. And ooh, these are near-metal guitars, and in any case, pretty darned speedy. It’s hard to get over the fact these hellish noises come from a bunch rather harmless-looking scrawny boys in V-neck jumpers.

The song titles deserve a mention, too. I can’t think of any other band that would call a song ’Endless Deodorant And Bad Shoes’. There is also an obsession with dead music celebrities from this band who brought you the line ‘there’s no point being my idol if you’re just gonna die’ and ‘I May Not Be Jimmy Hendrix But At Least I’m Still Alive’.

The rating goes as follows (where 10 means excellent and 1 means rather lame).

Noise – 10
Mission – 9
Screaming – 10
Speed – 9
Guitar destruction potential – 10
Image – 10

In short, this is a fucking brilliant little album.

Untitled Musical Project Myspace

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