Single Review: Time.Space.Repeat – The End of the World

God Is In the TV Zine have decided to branch out into the world of music labels with a ‘singles club’ and Time.Space.Repeat have the honour of being the first release. This isn’t a vinyl platter, however, but a free digital download of a single track, plus a bonus track if you sign up as a member for the GIITTV site (also free). Pretty good value.

So here’s the link:

For some reason I had in my mind that Time.Space.Repeat (note: only two full stops there) were a post-rock band, but ‘The End of the World’ is actually a big, epic shoegaze sort of number, that won’t seem out of place amongst similar stuff from fifteen odd years ago. We have some swirling keyboards, some massive echoing drums and then the song kicks in with a wall of melodic noise. On top of this are some well sung vocals, pushed to the back of the mix as suits this sort of song: you can pick them out or you can just enjoy them as another instrument in the mix. Despite being six minutes long this holds the attention and creates a great atmosphere.

The bonus track is ‘No Laces’, a much quieter tinkling sort of piece that provides a great comedown from the wide sounds of the lead piece. Here there is loads of space and sparse instrumentation and drums, though it’s still not straying too far from its early 90s roots with lots of nice delay coming through. Once more the vocal melodies are one of the real strengths of this, the sort of stuff many a vocalist would struggle to deliver convincingly.

There’s also some rather nice cover art depicting the sun from behind the window of a massive clock’s face, suitably moody and in the feel of the song. My only reservation about this release is the 128kbps encoding rate. I didn’t notice any compression issues, despite the amount going on in the tracks, but it still seems a low rate for a digital-only release.

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5 Responses to Single Review: Time.Space.Repeat – The End of the World

  1. Ania says:

    ‘Time.Space.Repeat (note: only two full stops there)’

    – very sorry, not 2 full stops but 3 – we are: Time. Space. Repeat.

    Yeah, it is confusing, I know he he


  2. Theo Graham-Brown says:

    Well thats even more confusing.

    James seemed to imply what I said in the thread over at DiS. Hum hum…


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