Wojtek Godzisz – The Moon and the Yew Tree (Tigertrap)

Is it just me or does this man get angrier from release to release? The intro sounds strangely like a strange pagan ritual, and no, I cannot tell you exactly why that is. Those better not be bongos! Possibly my mind is boggled by the video to this – complete with a rather odd Bohemian Rhapsody style inferno-lunatic sequence somewhere in the middle.

There is an afwul lot of stuff crammed into this song. Aforementioned intro, a glockenspiel type affair, the proverbial loud bit, the proverbial quiet bit, lots of angry sounding guitar and an oddly catchy tune to go with it. I won’t bother trying to come up with comparisons to other people’s stuff, because the notion of ‘It’s a Wojtek’ is probably enough by now and I’m getting tired of trying to find songs to compare this to, because there aren’t any.

The B-side is nice also. More shouting. Actually, I find the B-side better than the A-side. Because it has near-cowbells in it and that’s always a good thing.

Overall, this is an excellent single to listen to now that winter’s coming and we’re all cold and a tad angry.

Out 22 October on Tigertrap

The video is on Youtube and you can see it via the Tigertrap web site on http://www.tigertrap.co.uk/news.php?story=19&big=Y

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