Single Review: Look See Proof – Local Hero

Look See Proof sound like they fall somewhere between the radio-friendly sounds of The Futureheads and the more edgy stylings of Dartz! (whose album ‘This is My Ship’ is probably my favourite of the year bar Curses). This is their fourth single and according to the press release their others, one from Tigertrap, I believe, did pretty well. The press release also states “Look See Proof write music for young people about everyday life. ‘Local Hero’ tells the story of a man blinkered to the lies of a cheating girlfriend who eventually, with the help of his friends, manages to turn his back on the situation.” Thankfully this is probably the lowest point of everything I hold in my hands.

The first track is fast and danceable with stabbing quick rhythms and guitar work, and straight disco-beat drums that we’ve come to expect from the popular side of underground Indie these days. And that’s a good thing. At a shade under three minutes it blisters along and doesn’t lose your interest and I liked it. I can’t say I really noticed the lyrics about the cheating girlfriend and so forth: the music was enough to hold my attention. Track two, ‘Make Me Someone’ is much more laid back, seeming to be only acoustic guitar and electric lead in main. The chorus of “To you, to you, to me, to me” makes me hope this is in someway an anthem to the Chuckle Brothers, but that seems unlikely. It’s a nice track but nothing special and really feels like a quiet little b-side.

If you buy the 7″ that’s all you get, but CD purchasers will get a bonus track of ‘Start Again’ recorded live at the John Peel stage at Glastonbury 2007. This track sounds fairly similar to the lead song off the single, another driving piece with high, sharp lead guitar melodies all the way over it. The quality’s pretty good. I’ve not heard the original but it doesn’t sound to me much like this version can be much different apart from some feedback at the end when they finish. All in all a good single, solid but not exceptional. If you like this sort of stuff then worth picking up.

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2 Responses to Single Review: Look See Proof – Local Hero

  1. Charcee says:

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