Souvaris, Sonicflyer, Future Corpses, Instruments @ Silver Rocket (21/09/07)

It’s good to be back at the Buffalo Bar for Silver Rocket again. It’s a great venue and tonight, as befits the bands they’ve got tonight, it’s rammed. I met Instruments’ drummer on the night bus home from the last Silver Rocket here so it’s good to see both him and his band are great. They have a lot of starting and stopping with driving bass lines and strange time signatures and, crucially for such music, Matt knows when not to play drums as much as when to kick in. There is a lot of very clever, very catchy axe work going on here and I think some vocals but my memory is a little hazy now. It’s good stuff.

We had the pleasure of playing with Future Corpses back in January at a RoTa afternoon and I saw them play Saturday gone. It’s fair to say that in spite of some pedal issues for their guitarist, they are even better tonight than they were at the Badge of Friendship gig on Saturday. They’re an edgy instrumental three piece, a bit mathy but mainly rocky with nice chunks of LOUD. Their guitarist uses loops and effects for some impressive layers, allowing some of the songs to build massively and for their final track he’s left alone to gradually build up an immense wall of noise. When I saw them last week, the drummer took this opportunity to leave the stage and grab a drink, but this time he’s more ambitious. Handing his stick to the bassist (who proceeds to get noisy with it) he takes the floor tom round to the front of the kit and then kicks in with the beats from there, while trying to dance round it. It’s a shame the stage is so small but we get the idea and some how he manages to transfer himself back to the kit without losing a beat. It’s a great finisher to a great gig and it’s a shame the band look like they’re not enjoying it as much as we are.

Sonicflyer come along to break up the ‘all math’ diet a little and are welcomed eagerly. We’re treated to some great Indie songs, lots of layers of guitar and catchy melodies, that make me think of Teenage Fanclub, though with female vocals. I’ve never heard them before and while I’m not really blown away that’s more about what I really get into at the moment. They’re clearly a great band and I was certainly happy to listen to their set.

I and my friend once put Souvaris on in 2003 or something and they were absolutely amazing. I’ve seen them a few times since and I bought their sadly quiet “I Felt Nothing at All” album, and nothing really matched up to that first gig. Until tonight when they positively blow me away. The set started off pretty much as Souvaris do, with quiet sounds moving up to massive crescendos by way of wonderful melodies and then they played “Hand or Fingers?” seemed to move into a different area entirely. Whereas they normally hit that post-rock area early Mogwai were so famous for, this track was built on what could only be described as an aggressive punk-rock repeating bass riff. Basically, amazing. After this had snapped my ears to attention they played “The Young Ted Danson”, which starts with a beautiful discordant high guitar phrase and finishes some 13 minutes later with a rowdy rhythmic beat where members of the band leave the stage with cowbells, followed by Future Corpses’ drummer holding a tambourine and Andy Rocket with maracas. This little group snake around the club, beating in time, run up the stairs to bother the smokers and then return just in time to finish the set in style…well apart from an well-deserved encore, obviously. They play another track off their amazing album, “The Hat”, which is incidentally every bit as good as their set was.

Another storming night at Silver Rocket, and that’s just bands before the club. Next month they’re doing a RoTa (6th October) and their 100th Silver Rocket club night (13th October). Check the website or MySpace for details.


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One Response to Souvaris, Sonicflyer, Future Corpses, Instruments @ Silver Rocket (21/09/07)

  1. Rachel Silver Rocket says:

    Well never mind about the whole silver rocket being whatever thing, but I think this may have been one of the best shows we’ve ever put on – no thanks to us, obviously, but the bands who were all totally fantastic. If I could clone this show and put it on every month I don’t think I’d get tired of it.

    Of course, there are lots of bands who play for us that we like a lot, eh Theo?

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