Clone Quartet – Carousel / Played to Death

Tigertrap’s thirteenth release is from a Northern Irish four-piece called Clone Quartet who apparently specialise keyboard-led Indie pop faire. This double-A side is available in 7″ or CD (both limited to 500 copies) or for download (see the [url=]Tigertrap Records[/url] site).

[i]Carousel[/i] leaves me a bit cold on first listen. It’s pushing all the right ‘now’ buttons in its sound but I can’t really hear what raises this above any other similar band I’ve seen playing the cooler venues around Hoxton. It’s a big dancey track based around a straight pumping beat and a load of good electronic sounds on top but the vocal melody isn’t really hitting out. What it lacks is some kind of big pop hook. I warm to it a bit on repeated listens but it’s not one I’m going to be humming on the street.

Good, then, that this is a double-A because [i]Played to Death[/i] is really fantastic. It opens with a hint of Wolf Parade and sticks just long enough on one idea to surprise you when zips off in an unexpected direction. The verse alone has plenty to keep you interested, sitting over a dark, driving bass line, but then somehow they manage pull out a massive catchy chorus too. It’s worth owning this release for this track alone.

I’ve not seen the packaging but I’ve got a bunch of Tigertrap releases on my shelf already so you can be assured it’s going to be worth trying to get hold of one of those 7″s if you can. In short one decent song and one great song, so definitely worth a purchase.

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