Oppenheimer at Old Blue Last, London 17 April 2007

Oppenheimer are two people from Nortern Ireland. One plays drums, the other plays guitar and ambles round in a robotic fashion whilst doing so. Add to this a monumental backing track that is sometimes a bit 80s and sometimes on the verge of being cheesy.

But they are so good! And I cannot comprehend how in this day and age, were drum machines are making a comeback, they aren’t MASSIVE. Ironically, they seem to be bigger in the States than they are over here, for some reason.

The Old Blue Last is a bit of a shithole, admittedly. A SEVEN quid per gig shithole, to be precise! With dubious bright lighting (gigs are meant to be dingy, not brightly lit like some kind of gym!), too many stairs and a typical Shox-Ditch clientele of students with wacky hair that are probably really into Klaxons. Eurgh.

Oppenheimer played mainly stuff from the lovely lovely self-titled album (which has Tim Wheeler singing on one of the tracks!) and boy, it sounded good!

I urge you to make them your new favourite band before everyone else does.


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