Bis @ Islington Academy 07 April 07

Bis – The Aftermath

So this was the Bis reunion gig! Ten years since The New Transistor Heroes hit the shops. TEN fucking years. Since then we’ve had a poppy second album and a slightly odd third album. And Data Panik. And The Kitchen. And Sci-Fi Steven’s something Stiletto electro project.

Bis came on, a lot of people felt strangely emotional. I sure had a lump in my little throat. They did the infamous LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, I GIVE YOU THE POP GROUP BIS! Introduction and launched straight into Tell It To The Kids. OMG, like. They even wheeled out an ancient drum machine for the, er, older works. Where else do you get a thousand people (come on, it must have been!) shouting I’m gonna get you! With my Icky Poo! ICKY POO!!? Late twenty-somethings hoarse from songs about fizzy cola bottles and School Diskos?

Despite the receding hairlines of Mr Disco and Mr Sci-Fi, they looked very spritely indeed and hopefully enjoyed the night as much as us mortals did. It really was Bis by numbers, not a bad song in sight (ie no songs of aforementioned tricky third album).

It’s understandable that they split when they did. And it’s not rocket science to understand why they had enough of the hoardes of fans with starry bracelets and glitterbombs and whatnot (guilty as charged), but tonight really showed that Bis have left a great big starshaped stamp on so many hearts that it’s almost sickening. The fact people were singing along and pogoing to B-sides is amazing. It really is. Even though most of us have since grown up (in theory, anyway), don’t go to that many gigs any more, don’t have fanzines any more and are now accountants or civil servant (ahem), it seems that the Bis thing just stays with you, and you still have this odd urge to jump around like an idiot at the sound of that drum machine. Well, best part of the Academy did, anyway.

And yes, Kandy Pop was, of course, the last encore. Hopefully not the last one ever. And even if it was, it doesn’t look like Bis nation is going to fall any time soon. This is Fake DIY.

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