iShotTheDeputy does RoTa: Four bands for Free this Saturday afternoon (24th March 2007) has been allowed to take over the traditional Saturday afternoon slot at the [url=]Notting Hill Arts Club[/url] that [url=]Rough Trade Records[/url] run (RoTa). This event is always free and occurs from 4pm until 8pm, meaning you can pop-down, grab a surprisingly tasty and cheap, hitherto unknown, lager beer and still be able to make your important evening engagements. And all this in the ‘high class’ surrounds of Notting Hill.

We’re putting on the following four fantastic bands:
[b]The Cathode Ray Syndrome*[/b]
Sounding something between early Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky, the Cathode Ray Syndrome* are a great instrumental post-rock band. Each track seems to have been made by stitching together as many hooks as possible, some face-vibrating walls of noise and some pleasing waterfalls of clean guitar sounds. They sent us their seven track mini-album shortly after we started this site up and it immediately became one of my most-played CDs; there’s a review here: [url][/url]

[url=http://www.thecathoderaysyndrome]The Cathode Ray Syndrome* MySpace[/URL]

[b]Swimsuit Issue[/b]
Swimsuit Issue have been taking a well-earned break for a few months and this is their comeback gig, featuring new vocalist and guitarist Lucy, so I think we’d be foolish not to expect some new songs as well as old classics like The Capital. Swimsuit Issue like to alternate and combine male and female vocals over great bass and drum rhythms and distorted guitars, and are probably your sort of thing if you like My Bloody Valentine or Sonic Youth. Obviously they’re great or we wouldn’t put them on.

[url=]Swimsuit Issue MySpace[/URL]

[b]The Sailplanes[/b]
The Sailplanes are agressively and wonderfully different. They eschew bass in favour of two very different sounding, loud guitars while Tim and Stacey alternate on the vocal duties. Some songs have the sort of edgy and crazed distortion and noise we’d expect from early Sonic Youth albums, others are simply sublime little pop gems and sometimes they’re both. Recently they decided to jettison their old material and start playing an entirely new set: the new set’s fantastic, of course.

[url=]The Sailplanes MySpace[/URL]

[b]Get Crucial[/b]
Get Crucial are new band who’ve already got a lot of attention. Their sound can probably be described as vaguely like Death From Above 1979 augmented with analogue synths, distorted guitar madness and girl vocals. You’re going hear the sort of songs that convince you you’ve been enjoying them all your life.
[url=]Get Crucial MySpace[/URL]

[b]And that’s not all:[/b]
In between band noise there’ll be music played and as well as ISD staff we’ll be joined on the decks by:

[url=]Elton John[/url]
(DiS / Junkplanet)

While we can’t guarantee that it’s [i]that[/i] Elton John, obviously, we can guarantee he’ll play some fantastic music.

It would be more than good to see you all down there. The first band (Get Crucial) should be on about 4.45pm and The Cathode Ray Syndrome* should be headlining at 7pm.

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