iShotTheDeputy afternoon: 24th March @ the Notting Hill Arts Club – FREE has been allowed to take over the traditional Saturday afternoon slot at the [url=]Notting Hill Arts Club[/url] that [url=]Rough Trade Records[/url] run (RoTa).

This event is always free and occurs from 4pm until 8pm, meaning you can pop-down, grab a surprisingly tasty and cheap, hitherto unknown, lager beer and still be able to make your important evening engagements. And all this in the ‘high class’ surrounds of Notting Hill.

We’re going to have four bands on but we’ve only confirmed three of them so far. The fourth will be EVERY BIT AS GOOD, don’t worry:
[url=]Swimsuit Issue[/URL]
[url=]The Sailplanes[/URL]
[url=http://www.thecathoderaysyndrome]The Cathode Ray Syndrome*[/URL]

Swimsuit Issue have been taking a break so this will be their comeback gig, complete with new line up and some new songs. Expect greatness. The Sailplanes have all the required touches of Sonic Youth to appeal to fans of that band, but they take it somewhere else. We saw them recently play a set entirely of great new material. Our friends in the Cathode Ray Syndrome* have done us proud before so we’re more than eagre to put them on again. Think of early Mogwai with more melodies and bit a less white noise. (There’s still [i]some[/i] white noise, fear not.)

In between band noise there’ll be music played and as well as ISD staff we’ll be joined on the decks by:

[url=]Elton John[/url]
(DiS / Junkplanet)

While we can’t guarantee that it’s [i]that[/i] Elton John, obviously, we can guarantee he’ll play some fantastic music.

It would be more than good to see you all down there. Thank you.

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