Wojtek Godzisz – Burning Ideals EP (Tigertrap)

Take two unsuspecting punters who are well into their metal. Stick this on stereo during a game of Scrabble. See what happens. Stoner Rocker: ’Euwww, is this the Manic Street Preachers?’. Metallica Girl: ’No, it’s not foppish enough for that! It’s quite sweet actually.’. Stoner Rocker, snatching at press release: ’Ah, he was in Symposium! I see …’. Metallica Girl now tries to put SYMPOSIUM down on the Scrabble board, but discovers she has mostly the wrong letters for this. This makes her irate. ’Why doesn’t he call himself POPQUIZ? I’d have the letters for that!’.

Title track ’Burning Ideals’ is a catchy affair. Foppish it ain’t. Someone paid attention in the Indie School Of Scruffy Songwriting. Start off quietly. Tick. Add more stuff as you launch into the chorus. Tick. Thou shall have a catchy chorus for lodging into brains. Tick. Add variable meaning so folk can make this their own. Tick. Tick, tick, tick, result! Houston, we have a lovely little tune here.

The remaining five (good value for money, this) tracks follow a similar vein. It would be lazy to keep looking for Symposium similarities. It would be equally lazy to try and figure out what it all means. So stop dwelling on the last century if you possibly can and enjoy this for what it is. Solid songwriting (he even rhymes ‘sleep alone’ with ‘on the phone’ on Light Over Dark Earth ), perfectly hummable, what appears to be an array of additional ‘stuff’ (okay, I’m with John Peel on the saxophone front: Rules to abide to get played by John Peel: Do not have a saxophone, do not have a saxophone and lastly, do not have a saxophone) making it more interesting than your usual singer/songwriter bumpf.

This is well thought-out, this has been done with considerable care and attention, this isn’t trying to be anything or desperate to copy anyone. Which is just what we needed.

So, yes, Wojtek Godzisz. Shame there’s only one Z in a Scrabble set. Shame you’re not allowed to put names down. Could have scored quite a few points there on the triple.

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