Kunta Kinte and The Crimea @ Bloomsbury Bowling

Kunta Kinte

Welcome to the Church of Rock and Bowl. Ouch. Glad that’s out of the system now. Kunta Kinte are Toby Slater’s latest venture and, I dare say, are miles away from your usual indiekid musings. Instead, it’s percussion mania. Has Britain Been Bongo-Ing Mad*? There’s more rhythm than you can shake a stick at and you can’t help thinking this is more beach than bowling alley.

But, bizarrely, the concoction of catchy, fun guitarpop and, er, world music percussion somehow appears to work rather well.

For info, go to www.kuntakinte.co.uk .

* In response to the Church Of Rock and Bowl, I retaliate with an equally hilarious pun.

The Crimea

The Crimea’s take on the bowling situation was more practical. You’re welcome to throw bowling balls at us. Now why would anyone want to do that?

I still have the sneaking suspicion their singer is from a different planet or other. That is a good thing. And Tragedy still Rocks. Dammit.

The Crimea work nicely in small venues. Although there was a worry about the tall (gosh he must be at least 7ft) guitarist’s head banging straight into the ceiling. Albeit, it did not. Aforementioned singer provided in-crowd entertainment instead, which was hampered slightly by a mobile phone camera onslaught. If his eyes had not been shut, the flashlights could have easily blinded him for at least a week.

I digress. The Crimea are wonderful. Repeat after me. The. Crimea. Are. Wonderful. We. Love. The. Crimea. . The fabulous Lottery Winners on Acid (She likes bowling, I like bowling …. I really wanted him to sing She goes tripping, I go bowling over, but that didn’t happen) was saved till the almost end.

There was also a 60s cover. The name of which escapes right now. The one that goes ‘I wo wo wo wo won-der’. This came after the somewhat disturbing Miserabilist Tango and songs about being a black cloud spoiling the bright day and was merrily announced with ‘This is supposed to be a party. As you can tell, I’m a bit of a party guy myself’. Love it.

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