Welcome to the New Site Design

The site’s been pretty much unchanged in look for something like 18 months now so we have decided to give the old place a bit of a facelift. Apart from the new ‘serif’ (that’s a technical font term for you) logo and titles, the first thing you should notice is this new, heavy and menacing black font. We like it and believe me, if we could have got your monitor to display silver, we’d have gone for the full-on SS look. And if you believe that you can probably just stop reading the site altogether.

Of course, we realise some of you may be resistant to change, so there’s now a choice of site ‘theme’ under your profile. If you really can’t face that lettering (and we urge you to give it the time it takes to read one of the articles) then you can switch to the ‘classic’ look and get it back the way it was. The text, that is: all the other changes are here to stay.

Part of the reason for the face lift was the requirement to move up to the latest version of the software we run the site with. Hopefully it should all be working fine now, but if you find any problems don’t hesitate to email the Webmaster (email address ‘spam-o-riffically at the bottom of every page) and inform him.

The other reason is our upcoming interview with Falco, formerly of Mclusky, with reference to his new band [url=http://www.myspace.com/futureoftheleft]future of the left[/url]. There’s about two hours of drunken (on our part) ramblings from the Pen and Wig in Cardiff to go through and distil but it should be up in time for Monday; when it is, I’ll be sending round a newsletter.


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One Response to Welcome to the New Site Design

  1. Theo Graham-Brown says:

    If you’re using a TFT monitor, the new font looks miles better on a windows machine with ‘Clear Type’ turned on.

    This is in your Display Properties: Right click on your desktop and select ‘properties’ on the context menu. Then choose ‘appearance’ and ‘effects’. Font smoothing should be changed to ‘Clear Type’.

    TheoGB webmaster@iShotTheDeputy.com

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