Tigertrap Records Launch night (586, Scanners) 1/6/06

Due to other commitments I arrive too late to see Wojtek Godzisz, the pronunciation-challenged ex-member of Symposium. In fact I clearly arrive too late to get all of the Patty Winters Show but I’m pretty sure I saw most of it. I enjoy Patty Winters more than last time, actually. The vocals are far too low in the mix here, however, so all I can say is that the music seems pretty good. There’s always something to watch with these guys, particularly the front man who always seems to be dressed in the same style, whether on stage or not: shorts, knee-high socks, tank-top jumper over shirt, vaguely fascist hairdo. I guess late-1930s Austrian Alpine Nazi supporter is the style, though clearly in an ironic manner. I like it so long as this doesn’t make me a closet fascist.

Scanners impress the audience, which is a good thing given they’re next up on the Tigertrap label after 586. They could probably described as ‘intelligent rock’, as long as you understand it is meant as a compliment, i.e. broad appeal but still something there for the musos. They comprehensively raise the bar after an already good Patty Winters Show performance.

Tigertrap has been around for a few months, the result of Adie Nunn and Tom Edwards deciding that with all the effort they already put into finding and promoting bands they may as well spank a load more cash on vinyl discs too, but these things take time. 586’s [I] We Got Bored [/I] is the first release and has already made an impression at Radio 1 and seen the obligatory Ebay madness, with one seller peddling copies at twice the normal price even though you can still buy it from Tigertrap. Nice.

So 586 take to the stage and begin by handing out party horns for everyone to blow on (we get a chorus of kazoo-like honking as well as applause after every song) and party poppers. The songs (barring one “serious” one) are generally irreverent and/or shouty fun, with multiple vocal lines, a bit of keyboard, congas and cowbells over the guitars, bass and drums. It’s got something of a post-punk feel and generally makes you grin like mad and want to jump about. Personally I prefer the single’s b-side to the a-side, but does this matter? Get hold of a copy, like.


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